Thanksgiving Recipes

This post is from a couple of years ago, but not much has changed.  When it comes to Thanksgiving food, I tend to love the same things year after year!  Scroll to the bottom for a couple of new recipes for this year. I’m  hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  It’s just going to be our […]

Mom’s Happy Light

A cuppa tea, a little light, and a lazy Sunday feast. Ahhhhhhhh.

Begin Novena to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception 2014

Just in case you are interested, the Novena to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, ending with day nine on Monday, December 8th, should start next Sunday, November 30th.  I personally am going to place a sticky note on the window above the kitchen sink as soon as I finish this post because, for whatever […]

We only need one good shot

Next week, we’re heading up to visit my family in New Jersey.  My sister has kindly agreed to take some family photos for us in the woods at my parents’ home.  We’re also going to get some shots of the children with my folks.  Normally, we do family pictures when it’s a bit warmer out, […]

Did you make a felt and burlap Advent wreath?

Good morning, readers! I received the kindest comment from my new internet friend Tricia.  She used my Advent Wreath idea and made her very own absolutely stunning wreath for her family’s table.  She doesn’t blog, but she sent me a photo of it and I can hardly wait to share it with you here. Is […]

Advent Ideas on Pinterest

Visit my Pinterest Board for some Advent Tradition ideas. Advent Wreaths, Advent Feasts, Advent Decorations, Advent Coloring Pages, you name it, I’ve pinned it!

I’ve been thinking about blogging

Really, I have.  A hundred different ideas have come to mind over the past several weeks of not putting words into the blogosphere.  And yet, I just can’t bring myself to sit down and put my fingers on the keyboard.  I actually draft entire posts, complete with photos and anecdotes, and never write them.  “What’s […]

Cut your tee shirt

Sometimes Pinterest amazes me, other times, it overwhelms me, and still others it makes me think that every woman/girl out there is all about the sexy factor. Today, I went looking on Pinterest for some ideas as to how I can take a pair of scissors to my favorite new tee shirt.  I found a […]

Sisters of Arrendelle… and Olaf

Happy Halloween!

From our little goblins, to you and yours, have fun today remembering all the memories of Halloweens Past!       Happy Halloween!


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