7 Quick Takes: Back to Schooooool!!!!!

-1-  This is Elise. I love her dearly and feel so incredibly blessed to call her “friend.”  When Elise was pregnant with her oldest child, I was pregnant with mine.  We taught at the same school.  Our students were “buddies.”  We share a love for all things Fallon, Gaffigan, & So You Think You Can […]

Rappahannock Cellars

Friends of our were in town for the Scythian Concert so we just kept the party rolling right into Sunday with a lovely afternoon at Rappahannock Cellars in Huntly, Virginia.  It’s a little slice of heaven in the Shenandoah Valley, run by two big catholic families.  There couldn’t be a more kid-friendly spot to spend […]

Preschoolers love . . .

Tiny objects! Smarty Pants didn’t go to preschool until he was four years old, turning five.  Life was so very, very full at that time.  We had just moved to our first home that July, and by the time school started for most, I was at home with an almost four year old Smarty Pants, […]

Barn Bash

Summer concert #1:  Scythian, Front Royal, Virginia. On July 5th, the Uhlenkott Family hosted a Scythian concert in their barn. All the band members attended Franciscan University at one time or another.  A few of them are old friends of mine, and so it was thrilling to see them perform. To say we cut loose […]


   4th of July weekend was truly epic this year. Every time I decorate our home for the 4th of July, I think of St. Katherine Drexel.  When I was a new mom, someone let me borrow a book about the life of Katherine Drexel.  I will never forget the section of the book that […]

Because I’m Happy!

Sing it with me, “Because I’m Happeeeeeey!” Because I’m Happeeeeeeee! Because I’m Happy, Happy Happy Happy Happy!

Summer’s End

  Where on earth have I been?  I know.  It’s been touch and go here on the blog.  I’d like to say that I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been spending quality time having the best summer ever with my children.  The truth is, I haven’t been blogging for pretty much every other possible reason.  […]

Speak Easy Digital Art on Etsy

I love Etsy.  Don’t you?  It is such an easy and affordable way to support artists, designers, moms trying to stay at home while contributing to the family income, and the like. A friend of a friend is a graphic designer who has an Etsy shop filled with beautiful work. Speak Easy Digital Art I […]

Guess where we went today?

That’s right!  A little slice of heaven on earth. Fields of Flowers. A sweet summer intern and her college buddies greeted us with clippers, buckets, water and instructions, and the result was beauty in (several) vases! My two daughters made an arrangement for themselves.   Even the boys had fun clipping some blooms for the big […]

Anchored in Hope, Remembering with Love

The Sarah Harkins Memory Anchors have been created as a way to both remember Sarah Harkins and support her husband Eric and their four beautiful children. Visit this Etsy shop to purchase a bracelet.  100% of the proceeds will go to the Harkins Family.


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