11 years of marriage

For our 11th anniversary, we headed back to our roots and enjoyed a fun evening out in the neighborhood where we started dating.  We felt like strangers in a strange land among all those college kids and new grads, whooping it up in Clarendon.  Sometimes it’s fun to throw yourself back into an old haunt […]

Little One is a Year Old!?

It is simply unbelievable to me that our Little One is a year old.  Wasn’t I just in the hospital with her enjoying our extended stay, eating popsicles and ordering “room service”?  What a wonderful first year it has been with this little darling in our lives. Don’t you just love this picture? I am […]

Afternoon Tea with the Ladies

This year for Dimples’ 8th birthday party, we had tea at the Aylesbury Tea Room.  What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon! Our tables, beautifully set. The moms sat at one table, and the young ladies sat at the other.  The woman who runs the tea room was […]

Summertime Books for Children

7 Quick Takes: Surviving Summer with Kids 10 and Under

Thanks for hosting 7QT this week, Kathryn of Team Whitaker! This week I’d like to share some of my thoughts about summer vacation with children ten and under.  We are a catholic school family with a rising 4th grader, 3rd grader, and 1st grader.  We also will have a child in pre-K and a soon-to-be […]

Eight years ago today

Oh sweet little Dimples, look at you!  Fresh from God and already such a sweet baby. When you were a newborn, you had such thick, dark brown hair.  Come to think of it, you still do!  And look at those gorgeous pink lips and beautiful fingers. You have always been such a good sleeper!  To […]

Arrangements from My Cutting Garden

Seven Quick Takes: I don’t where the time goes edition

-1- Last Saturday The Hubs and I enjoyed an afternoon date to a local winery, a drive in the country, a stop at our favorite restaurant for dessert, and a visit to the best nursery in Northern Virginia.  It was a perfectly gorgeous spring afternoon, and we really liked changing things up a bit by […]

Books About Gardening and Eggs

Social Butterfly has really been enjoying these books lately, so I thought I would repost it.  Again.  Have a beautiful day! Spring in Northern Virginia has been absolutely beautiful this year.  In fact, the last two weeks of winter were amazing too!  All the Bartlett Pears and Cherry trees are gorgeous with their white and […]

7QT: Memorial Day Weekend

     -1- I get why people stare when I drive around town.  I really do.  The NV is a big truck-van.  And I’m a little lady. This week, I took the two littlest to Home Depot to buy some big bags of soil and some tomato plants.  One of the employees in the garden […]


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