I was fixin’ to get my craft on last Friday, but as life goes with four little ones in the house, that didn’t happen until a couple of days later.

Behold, the burlap and felt flower Advent wreath tutorial, inspired by Craftiness Is Not Optional and Nest of Posies.

Cut some burlap into strips.

With a glue gun, glue one end of the strip to your 12 inch styrofoam wreath.

Wrap the burlap around, overlapping it a bit and glue the other end.  Keep going until you cover the entire wreath.

Then stick in four plastic candle holders.  I got mine at a garden center that also makes floral arrangements.  They have a sharp plastic point on the bottom, so you should be able to push through the burlap and all the way into the styrofoam with some force.  If not, try snipping a small slit in the burlap.

I made these candles with a fabulous Beeswax Advent Candle Kit from Illuminated Ink.

Cut some felt squares into strips.  Fold them in half and sew them down one edge.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, use some craft glue.

With your scissors, cut toward the stitch from the folded side.   This DOES NOT have to be perfect!

Start rolling the felt, using a bead of glue from your hot glue gun along the way to keep it together.

Et Voila!

Attach the flowers to the burlap wreath with big giant gobbs of hot glue.  Don’t burn your fingers!

Cut some leaves out of green felt.

Put a little dab of glue on one end.

Squeeze it together until it dries to add dimension to your leaf.

Tuck the leaves in here and there around your flowers.

You’ll have to imagine this with a couple of rose-colored felt flowers around the rose candle.  I had to special order some felt from Etsy.  I just couldn’t bear to use the cotton candy pink or hot pink felt they sell at my crafts stores for this pretty little project.  Have you ever gone up to a priest with your kids after Mass on Gaudete Sunday?  Hmmm?  “Hi Father!  I like your PINK vestments!”  Typically the response is, “They’re not PINK.  They’re ROSE.”  So rose it shall be for our Advent Wreath.

It will store well, ready for use year after year in our home!

I’m telling you, this is such an easy project that requires time, but not precision or perfection!  And the end results make it worth your time.

15 thoughts on “Felt and Burlap Advent Wreath

  1. Carol Amie says:

    Love! You did not disappoint.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thank you! I am so happy with how it turned out! so far :)

  2. Teresa says:

    Super Cute!!! We have an Advent wreath his parents gave us our first Christmas of marriage. I hate to replace it due to the sentimental ‘side’ of things, but sure am tempted. ; )

  3. Dianna Miller says:

    Hi Mary,
    I almost have all of our supplies collected (many floral stores don’t carry the candle holders…) and I am curious about the rose felt. Where did you find it online? I was about to check out and order some off of amazon when I noticed that shipping was $18. I have done a google search and am not coming up with much. Help?
    Thanks! Dianna

    1. http://www.floralsupply.com/lighting/candleholders/1001-dl17-candleholders.html

      But what in the world are you going to do with 30 candle holders? I bought mine at a garden center who happens to make beautiful Advent wreaths. They also sell all the individual supplies needed to make your own, so I was able to just buy four of the taper holders.

      Have you tried going to a flower shop? Like an FTD type place? I bet they would sell you four.

      And please, send me a pic when you’re finished!

      Thanks for reading,

      1. Dianna Miller says:

        I finally found a flower shop that carried the candle holders so we took a drive today to go buy them. I made the rose flower with light pink felt and I don’t like it… I have already spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to find the felt though :) You don’t happen to remember the name of the etsy store you ordered from do you? The wreath is otherwise finished (I also used the yarn idea from the door wreath for the table wreath.) I am waiting for the beeswax candle kit and then we will be set. Thanks so much for re-posting this! It is gorgeous!!

      2. Dianna Miller says:

        Oh, and have you had problems with the wax dripping on the flowers?

  4. Tricia says:

    Thank you for inspiring me! I started gathering supplies last year in Advent 2013, and finally just completed our version of your burlap Advent wreath. It looks so beautiful! And my husband and kids love it too! I ended up changing ours to integrate shorter pillar candles…to prevent the house from catching fire…little hands, you know. (Ages 4, 3, 18 mos.) But I love the look. If only I could share a picture of it on here… Either way, thank you so much for sharing! My search for the perfect Advent wreath is finally over.

    1. This is wonderful news! You could email me a photo… I would absolutely love to see it! sometimesmartha@gmail.com

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