Outer Banks Thanksgiving Vacation

It was a wonderful, wonderful week in Duck, North Carolina.  The Little One was a great age to visit the Outer Banks.  She was a gem in the car all the way there and all the way back.  She slept in her Pack ‘n Play like a champ.  Truly, she is the perfect baby.

We prepped the kids on the way down:  No T.V. and no computer games or iPad.  We would allow them to watch one movie on the way down and one on the way back.  And while we were in Duck, one movie and the Thanksgiving Day parade (and some football, of course).  There were no arguments from any of the older three children.  Social Butterfly, however, had a difficult time without her beloved “TV shows.”  We caved and allowed her to watch a Disney special while we packed up the car to leave the Outer Banks on Saturday.  However, when we returned we informed the kiddos that we would be giving up TV for Advent and that we would allow them to watch one show or movie on Sundays only.  We would also be limiting computer time from thirty minutes per child three days a week to thirty minutes per child on Fridays only.

It has not been easy.  Honestly, it has been hardest on me.  I must confess, I was using TV and computer time to avoid my children.  The fighting, the arguing, the fatigue:  I was “utilizing” television and online games to avoid it all.  They still fight and argue.  They’re still tired (although less than before).  The difference is, the conflict situations are being faced and sometimes even resolved.  I am listening to the children argue and allowing them to work out their differences, all the while doing my best not to stick my nose in their business unless they need some guidance.

What a difference!

I’ll keep you posted on how our little resolution is going.  In the end, I am just so grateful for our time away together.  The children played and played and played and played.  Who knew the Rainbow Loom rubber bands could be made into “bungie jumpers” to drop toys from the 3rd floor to the basement of our rental house’s open staircase?  And who knew that the card game war could go on for four days straight?  Perhaps we never would have known had we allowed the TV and computers to go on during our time away from it all.  I look forward to sharing the children’s other discoveries with you as Advent marches on into the Christmas Season.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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  1. so I have to remind myself not to compare myself to you- because you certainly stand the set the bar high in ‘being an awesome mom!!’ haha ;) seriously- turning off the tv for advent- love that!!! but I happened to read it last night while all my kids were completely impressed with watching ‘kevin’ in home alone 2 run wild in nyc— I thought ‘mare’s kids would be doing a family puzzle!!!’ ;)
    you are wonderful! thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!!

  2. whoops typo- set the bar high! must have been standing on my head when I wrote this ;) ahhhh!

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