Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

In our family, we start celebrating Christmas at sun-down on Christmas Eve and we keep the festivities going until the Epiphany.  Candles are lit at the breakfast and dinner table, lights on the tree and around the house are plugged in all day.  The outside of our home is illuminated as soon as it gets dark each evening.  We feast on cookies and treats and have special meals on the different feast days throughout Advent and the Christmas Season.  Why?  Because we love and I mean LOVE everything about this blessed season.

Don’t you think a home is at it prettiest during the holidays?  I get a little down when I think about stripping our shelves and walls after the Epiphany, or as we affectionately call it, “Little Christmas.”

So to preserve in my memory the beauty of our home, and really to welcome you to our house, I present to you my “Little Christmas Home Tour.”

Christmas Home Tour 086

Yes, it’s true.  I saw something on Pinterest, I pinned it to my “Christmas” board, and I actually did it.  If you haven’t discovered the miracle of Pinterest, go check it out and let me know what you think.  I happen to love it.


Christmas Home Tour 065

I hang a ribbon with upholstery tacks up by the crown molding on the first Sunday of Advent and use little clothespins to pin up each photo card we receive throughout the season.  It’s so fun to watch it fill up!

Christmas Home Tour 064


This is where our children store their backpacks and winter gear.  In late spring, we swap out all the hats

 and mittens for bathing suits, goggles, and cover-ups.

Christmas Home Tour 066


This is the other side of the same room where we hang the rest of our photo cards from friends and family.  The original owners used this room as a dining room, but for us it’s just a nice place to sit and read a book or play.  My desk is also in this room.

Christmas Home Tour 069


This idea came from Martha — as in Stewart.

 Martha Stewart Wreath

Christmas Home Tour 073

Our living room.  Hanging on the mirror is a homemade paper straw wreath inspired by the cover of the December 2011 issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.

Woman’s Day Straw Wreath

Christmas Home Tour 075

Saint Lucia print by Sarah Jane Studios

Christmas Home Tour 076

I frame covers and pages from children’s books all the time.  This one is from a Dover Publishing book:

 by W.F. Stecher

There’s really nothing like a vintage children’s book.  Someday I’ll post our children’s library book list.  You’ll find out pretty quickly what a fanatic I am for storybooks.

Christmas Home Tour 070

This is a view of our living room from the kitchen.  We bought the big wall unit of cabinets and shelves on Craig’s List in March 2010.  What a steal!  It houses all of our glasswear, some adult beverages, my mom’s teacup collection, china, Christmas dishes/mugs/glasses, scrapbooks, children’s library, church books, favorite novels, and more.  It really is nice to have everything so accessible, especially when most of it was in our basement storage for two years.

Christmas Home Tour 081

A close-up of our nativity scene and Christmas book collection.  All the other decorations put together do not equal the importance of this manger and these books — for this mama.

Christmas Home Tour 071

Our feather tree covered in our most treasured ornaments, and our Santa Lucia crown that our oldest daughter Dimples wears on her head each December 13th as she serves us breakfast in bed.  Yes, those are LED’s.  As for the feather tree, Martha — as in Stewart strikes again!  I purchased this tree from her collection at Macy’s five Christmases ago, and I must say, since we’ve had toddlers/climbers in our home for six years now, having a tabletop tree option has saved many a keepsake ornament from destruction.

Christmas Home Tour 078

This desk and chair were a gift from a friend and, although they don’t get much use, I just love how feminine they are.  People.  That is a door on the wall!  It cost five dollars and took about four coats of red to cover it, but I just love it.  I hung a plaque on it that says, “Bless This House.”  Every time I look at it, or get a compliment for it, I think about

~The Nester and how I adore her.

~ My dear Mom and how she has always been an inspiration to me when it comes to creating  a beautiful and cozy home using what you have.

Christmas Home Tour 087

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!  No, those aren’t decoy presents!

Seriously folks, our kids are just itching to open their “Little Christmas Presents” on January 6th — as if they received nothing at all on December 25th.

Christmas Home Tour 090

Our tree. Yes.  It is artificial.  I have The Hubs’ allergic reaction to pine to thank for that.  Imagine how pleasant it is for him to visit my family in the middle of the PINE Barrens  of New Jersey!  Can you say, “Inhaler?”  Yeah.  So we’ve had this fake Martha Stewart tree from KMart for five years and I have to say, until we had to pull off every.single.strand of that pre-lit sucker this year, it has served us well.

Our kitchen.  Our kitchen!  I can hardly wait to back-track and show you the transformation that went on here in late February/early March of 2011.  An unbelievable transformation inspired by Jones Design Company that I promise to share with you soon.  But let’s just say this was our first Christmas with our “new” kitchen and I was so happy to have many new surfaces and a beautiful palette on which to display my wares.

Christmas Home Tour 052

I like to imagine that these sweet carolers are singing “Fahoo fores dahoo dores Welcome Christmas, Christmas day!” a la The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

And with that I bid you farewell, and Happy Feast of the Epiphany.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  There is no question you’ll see the rest of our home by the by.  Until then, Merry Little Christmas!

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12 Responses to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

  1. Everything is beautiful! I did the string and pins with my Christmas cards this year too and I loved it! Its so pretty and then you can really see each one. The wreath I used before was only good fro about 10 and then you had to start layering.

  2. Mary, I love the blog title and your home is beautiful! I’m going to add your blog to my favorites list & I can’t wait to check in now and again. Post again soon!! xo, Cynthia

  3. My favorite is the front door- never seen anything like it. Way to follow your passion Mary! I am so happy to have an opportunity to see your creativity without having to drive to VA! Love, Cal

  4. Very pretty, Mary! You’re so good at all the crafty organizing stuff! Where did you find the white 8 compartment piece to store backpacks/shoes?? Exactly what I need! 🙂

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