Calling all Super Heroes…

Bright Eyes is four years old!  How on earth did that happen?  Today, we celebrated with a little party at home, Super Hero style.  It was so much fun.  I turned to Etsy once again to find a printable party package and I could not get over the options!  This was the one I chose:

Their store link is not working at the moment.  I’ll keep you posted when it’s up and running again.

Look at those lollipops!  So stinkin’ cute!  I made one for each goodie bag and forgot to take a photo, but I can assure you, the kids were cracking up when they saw them.

I used the clear paint can from our Sesame Street Party a couple of weeks ago.  This time I lined it with silver glittery wrapping paper.  I thought our table need a little bling.  And that is one of the treat bags.  The sticker and tag were part of the Party Project Printables.  The party store had some cute confetti with different types of superhero cut outs for sprinkling down the center of the table.  I also scattered some star confetti.

Here are the water bottles and straws.  Those are paper straws…they may look familiar.  I purchased them at The Paper Source and then embellished them with the little flags, also printables.

The birthday sign

The Party Source offers an add-on to their Super Hero Pack specifically for “photo booth” shots.  It includes comic book style Conversation Bubbles and all sorts of masks.  I think the masks were intended to be used on sticks, just held up to the face, but I hot glued some elastic to the print-outs.  They were the perfect size for little ones, but slightly small for the older kids.

My trusty cupcake tower came in handy once again!  And this party pack had printable cupcake wrappers that were city scapes and comic strip conversation bubbles.  Cute!

The Party Project asked for a list of the initials of each of our guests for the PDF they emailed me.   That way I could print out a letter on label paper for each child.  When they arrived at the party, I just stuck it on their tee-shirt.  To complete the super hero party experience, I ordered from this little shop on Etsy:

Brandy makes party packs of these adorable capes:

She even made a pink cape for the one little girl who could make it to the party.

The Super Heroes were very confused as to why we wanted them to face the fireplace.  I just wanted a shot of them from the back in their adorable capes!

All in all, it was a great party.  Bright Eyes had a wonderful time, and so did his little preschool buddies and siblings.  Now Mommy gets a breather from all these birthdays until June.  I wonder what theme we’ll do for Dimples?  Oh, the possibilities are endless with Etsy!!!

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  1. You amaze me Mary, with all your co-ordinated efforts and party themes. I’ve taken the “let the kids help” approach to birthdays in the last few years. They help to decorate making signs and cards, and help decorate the cake/cupcakes (whatever they choose). It doesn’t make for such beautifully put together stuff as you’ve got going on, but it is less work for me, and the kids feel like they’ve contributed! I used to stay up really late making the cakes and all that, but now we keep things really simple. You must have energy I don’t have!

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