Pretty-in-Pink Girls’ Room

Dimples, SB, and me

You may have seen the boys’ room, all decked out in blues and boy stuff.  How do they sleep with Darth Vader staring them down all night long?  The girls’ room is so feminine.  It’s a lovely little room for these adoring sisters to be girly together.  I must admit, it’s one of my favorite places to play…and maybe fall asleep in the middle of a bedtime story.

Dimples and SB

The day we brought Social Butterfly home from the hospital, Dimples started asking, “When, WHEN does she get to move into my room, Mommy?”  I don’t think she fully understood just how much infants cry and just how early in the morning they wake up.  But something tells me those were not concerns for this adoring big sister.

Dimples and SB

We waited until SB was fifteen months old to move her out of the nursery and into Dimples’ room.  It was a bit of a transition, but I thought the longer we waited, the more difficult it would become for the girls to adjust.  Thankfully, Dimples sleeps like a log, so the baby’s stirrings did not phase her.

Dimples and SB

As I mentioned in this post, we had the interior of our house painted from top to bottom the week before we moved in.  This was the color I chose for Dimples’ room:

Old Rose by Behr

We were renting a house in Arlington before we bought our first home, and there happened to be a fabulous fabric and custom upholstery/drapery shop right by our house.  It was going out of business the summer we were moving.  The designer drapery fabrics were 75% off per yard!  So after choosing all the paint colors, I ordered sample sizes on line, then painted big pieces of poster board to take over to our new house.  The previous owners were still living there, and were gracious enough to allow me to bring the samples I had painted and tape them up on the wall of each room, allowing me to see in daylight whether the colors would work.  As I recall, there were a couple of colors that were completely wrong, so it was back to the drawing board a few times.  In the end, I was able to take all the poster board samples to the going-out-of-business fabric store to buy yards and yards of drapery fabric for a steal.

Chalmers Stripe Spring:  Calico Corners

My mom is quite the seamstress, so she sewed the drapes for me, adding the pink and green check in a band at the bottom of each panel.  I love how they turned out.  The goal was to choose something that was going to stand the test of time.  And I don’t see the pink and green combo going anywhere anytime soon.

This is the view from the door.  The beautiful bed is an antique — and has a long story behind it, for another time.  The white dresser was a gift from my in-laws when we had Smarty Pants.  It doubles as a changing table, and I love the glass-front drawers.

The Hubs’ family baptismal gown on the left and mine on the right.  The boys have worn his, the girls, mine.  They’re just too pretty to put away, I think.  And every little girls’ room needs a shelf hung high for precious treasures.

Social Butterfly’s crib — yes.  That is a crib tent.  When I was two I tried to climb out of my crib twice.  The first time, I broke my collar bone.  The second time, I broke it again.  This is the part of the post where my dad THE DOCTOR goes to the comment box and says something like, “It never happened” or some other nonsense that a father of seven says about his youngest child.  Well, it happened, and I’m not going to let it happen to our youngest.  So there you have it.  Crib tent.  Love you Dad!

Above the crib are three frames with her initials.  Again, Target frames that came with big giant mats.  I covered the mats with fabric.  I feel a tutorial coming on.  I suppose if I get enough requests, I can show you how I did it.

I struggle with decorating big wall spaces.  Someday, Dimples will probably need this space for a desk or something useful, but for now, it’s a little vignette.  A girl’s gotta have a bunch of bags, right?  A mirror hung low so she can look at her adorable face while she talks (I totally did that too when I was a little girl.  I also used to say, “When I was a little girl” when I was still a little girl.) A little framed poster of some Irish Dancing feet in ghillies.

Just to be clear, I DID NOT go out and buy all of these things at once to decorate this room.  In fact, the only thing I went out and bought specifically for the girls’ room were the three paintings about the bed.  Oh, and the three frames for SB’s monogram.  And the fabric for the drapes.  And the Irish dancing feet poster.  And the green lamp.  Okay, so more than one thing.  My point is, everything else I already had from another room — or another lifetime.  I love decorating that way.  It is so satisfying to switch things from room to room or dig them out of storage and see how they work.  It can be a bit of an obsession passion, and it can make a husband crazy think you’re very frugal.  I just have never been the type of person to go to a store and buy a bunch of new stuff to decorate a room.  To me, it takes all the fun out of the process of it all.  The collecting of pretty and practical things piece by piece — new or found in another room of your very own house — that’s the way to go.

Pretty-in-Pink!  That’s my Dimples.

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  1. me! me! I need a tutorial!! oddly enough, I am reading this post only seconds after a discussion with MY hubs about our daughters room and after moving in a after a great thrift store find. (and while the hubs is reading a story to said daughter that we got from your previous post– “the hat” :))

  2. Would you tell me where your I laws purchased this change table dresser & if it has held up well? Found one on Craigslist with the matching Armoire.. Thought maybe painting pretty pink :)). Thanks much!

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