Don’t blink!

When our Smarty Pants was born a dear friend of ours said, “Don’t blink!”  She was absolutely right.  Just look at how these kids have changed and grown.  Good grief!

I was reading a friend’s blog post and it got me thinking about this idea of not blinking.  Just going through old photo files for this post made me realize:  it’s not just about not blinking just so you don’t miss something.  It’s about being in the present moment and appreciating this life, right now, so that you don’t miss all the opportunities to love who’s in front of you.

For a Martha like me, it’s difficult to overlook the dishes and the laundry and the latest craft or home improvement project.  It’s harder for me to leave all that — because it’ll still be there tomorrow!  — and just stop and be with the ones I love.  That’s more difficult.  Ever since I became a mom I’ve been struggling with the Mary-Martha balance.  That’s not to say that I never play with my children or enjoy my family.  I do!  But I definitely have gotten into the habit of putting my household duties and pleasures before just being.  Maybe someday it won’t be as much of a struggle.  But I worry that someday will arrive and I’ll look back at this season and I’ll say, “I blinked!  I blinked way too much!  The simple and sweet time of life has passed me by!”  Wouldn’t that be tragic?  So today, I think I’ll just do my best to balance it all, and set out once again to be the best Mary and Martha I can be.  Today.

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4 Responses to Don’t blink!

  1. So true! I love that country song with the same sentiment! Do you know it? Makes me stop every time I hear it and realize the same thing. 🙂

  2. I’m struggling with this too, Mary. If I don’t do the laundry there is nothing to wear. My word for 2012 is to be INTENTIONAL about everything. I’m in the trenches with you!!

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