Saint Joseph, Pray for Us!

I love St. Joseph.  His intercession is so powerful.

#1.  I prayed to him almost every day for four years of college — and two years after I graduated, I met my wonderful husband.

#2.  The Hubs prayed a novena to him while we were dating that all his ducks would get themselves in a row so he could propose.

#3.  We prayed a novena together that St. Joseph would intercede for us as we began our hunt for our first home.  We went to contract on this house on March 19th.

This year, for the first time, we are going to include the children in our novena which, if we want to end on March 19th, will start this Sunday, March 11th.

Once again, Lacy at Catholic Icing has shared something sweet for us to do together.  She has kindly offered a free download.

So cute!

It will be wonderful to see how this powerful intercessor blesses our family in the future.

St. Joseph, Patron of people in doubt, house hunters, fathers, carpenters, a holy death, and protector of the Church,

Pray for us!

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3 Responses to Saint Joseph, Pray for Us!

  1. He’s my new favorite, too, Mary! We went under contract today, and we’ve been praying the 30 Days’ Prayer to St. Joseph every day along with our parish, St. Joseph’s in Alexandria. I’m looking forward to seeing how our March 19th goes!

  2. Amen, and thanks for the reminder to begin the novena tomorrow. St. Joseph helped us to sell our home…unlisted, without a sign in the yard, for exactly what we wanted and in only two weeks of accepting that we would/should sell and move. He changed my heart and enabled me to accept that the move truly was God’s will.

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