Organizing School Paperwork

As you may have read in this post or this, I have been tackling our filing system.  We’re talking full body tackle, people.  Bring it.  So when I stumbled upon a new blog all about organizing I just had to share!

IHeart Organizing by Jen Jones is a fabulous blog.  I specifically want to share her ideas for organizing your children’s school paperwork — that you decide to keep.  You know how I deal with the artwork.  Most of it gets photographed, scrapbooked, and thrown away.  But this doesn’t cover things like book reports, tests, report cards, awards, sweet notes from the teacher, etc.  Jen has generously offered really cute free downloads for printing.  Organizing  all the paperwork that comes home from school is going to be so easy with Jen’s help!  Thank  you Jen!!!

Go on over to IHeart Organizing:  School Paperwork Storage and check it out!  You won’t be disappointed.


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