Sometimes, Always, Never

The Hubs here, filling in while the missus is on vacation.   So….hello blogosphere….This has been a most curious few days.  I was scanning over a number of entries on SMAM, and trying to come up with some profound way of making the last 3 days look easy, with perhaps a touch of challenge, and an anecdotal catchy…..Always, sometimes, never, line that could sum up the weekend.  And I realized, I could share with you a story of how I juggled being  a dad with my four lovely children who adjusted seamlessly to life without mommy.  They were peaceful at Mass, cleaned up after themselves, and ate their vegetables – Uh, yeah and you’d buy that one right (especially since I’m not serving veggies)!
Let’s just say this home without the mommy, is little more than a dorm –with an RA that at this point needs a shot of tequila, and pronto!!!  To be fair to myself, it’s T-minus 19 hours til Mary is back and while my typical list of things to do when Mary slips away (which is usually with the kids) is ambitious and filled completely unrealistic items,  this time the list was simple:
NO visits to the ER  -check (so far)
No blood stains on the couch –check (so far)
Get to the soccer game  -check
Take all 4 kids to Mass  -check (though the social butterfly did get clocked in the face by a 2yr old boy)
Simple right?  Ya know, it actually reminds me of a really simple DIY project that would never be suitable for SMAM to write about.  The Ol’ we just got married and moved into our first digs together –Let’s paint our bedroom project.  Basic, simple, and certainly something we should be able to handle.  Let me start with: We love Ralph Lauren (if you have dirt on him please don’t share).  His clothes are timeless, his primetime Oprah interview (yeah I confess, I watched it) was fantastic, and his household line of paints and fabrics are perfect –especially the “linen technique” which we selected for  our room.

The color was a nice faded blue. And as the pic above directs:  see step by step video instructions and, click here to print instructions.  Yeah, we followed the instructions, and what we ended up with, well….  I’d love to show you.  I’ve searched our TerraByte sized photo-server where we keep every digital photo ever taken by either of us in the last 15 years —and guess what:  There isn’t a single picture of that room and the blue plastic looking stripes (yes stripes, we stopped following the directions midstream).  I’m not saying someone deleted every picture of that room, but I’ve found pictures of a hotel we stayed at with Lauren Home Collection items.  BUT the pics of our first DIY project together, they’ve vanished.  In fact, at some point before Smarty Pants was born –Mary vanished so I could repaint the room myself.  Had we known that you had to sand and scrub the finish off the wall –let’s just say we never would have done it!  It wasn’t until 4 or 5 years later after we’d bought our house  that we ever attempted another DIY project.
Anyway project “Mary’s vacation”  I suspect we’ll do this again.  My short-short list of not so complicated items this weekend, as of now we’re on track to accomplish it all.  In fact, as this weekend closes out I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  All that’s left is Monday….with an early morning breakfast, dressing the kids, getting them to school, running to home depot, returning home (to start a project so I can say I did something other than get beaten down by my lovely kids), coerce two kids into naps, fold 10 loads of laundry (oh, I will get that done)  pick up kids from school, get snacks and pack the kids up to go to the airport to pick up Mary, then get home and have dinner ready to pop out of the oven, bathe the kids and put them to bed, it’s just a typical day for a mom.
So in closing I must say, while I always appreciate Mary, and sometimes (never enough) I tell her I do, I can never comprehend how much work this really is every endless day for the next…….well for a generation worth of years.  And hopefully, sending her away for some R&R takes the edge off, but next time I’m coming along.  NEW ORLEANS in JUNE!!!!!

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  1. “Hubs”, (okay that felt weird to type!) you are a thoughtful and generous husband. I’m impressed with there being only one minor injury and all the laundry washed/dried even if it doesn’t get folded – well done!

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