Motherhood has changed me, thanks be to God!

I remember a day when I was many things, and selfless and sacrificial were not among them.

Then in October, 2004, a little Smarty Pants entered my life and I would never, ever be the same.

Those days as a new mom were so special, and a bit blurry.  I wrote this in my first baby book:

” It amazes me how quickly the days pass by, but how long the nights can be.  I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to six o’clock in the morning so much in my life!  We’ve had several visitors, but we treasure our time together, just the three of us, the most. “

Twenty months later I was a mom again, this time to a precious baby girl.  Oh what a sweet baby Dimples was.  Smiley and coo-ey, and so chubby and snuggly!  From her baby book,

“Daddy and I especially love those first moments with you when you wake up in the morning.  You are so cuddly and sweet and smiling, of course.”

Twenty months later, Bright Eyes entered the scene.

“You are a sweet little baby.  You have such beautiful eyes and the cutest little cowlick at the front of your hairline.  Your cheeks keep getting bigger and more and more kissable everyday!”

Twenty-three and a half months later, Social Butterfly made her appearance.

“We are taken by you!  You are just beautiful!  So pink, so sweet, and you seem to look just like Mommy.  We feel eternally blessed to have you as a part of our family in this earthly life!”

Fast forward through all the crazy and all the wonderful — Here we are, with our babies growing faster than we’d like, and becoming wonderful little people.

Easter 2012
After Sunday Mass, Mother’s Day 2012
“I don’t like you anymore, Mommy.”
Herding cats
Please, for me? For my Mother’s Day gift?
Aaaaaand, scene.

Thank you, children.  Thank you for helping me to change.  I am eternally grateful to God for the gift of you.

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