Teacher Gifts … from Pinterest!

Awhile back, I saw this idea on Pinterest and quickly pinned it to my “gifts” board.  Most of the time, I pin something and forget about it.  But somehow, while grocery shopping today, from the recesses of my mind, all my boards came before my eyes.  Like a rolodex they flipped one by one.  It happened in the glorious seasonal/party/entertaining/on sale/organize your life/buy crap that you don’t need section at Wegman’s.  You know, the section of the store that takes your grocery bill from $250 to $350 in a matter of moments?  That one.  Anyhoo, I was standing in front of these great little “stir and sip cups” by Copco when I recalled this pin:

Teacher gifts.... "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge"

They were on sale!  So I snagged ’em.  Smarty Pants and Bright Eyes’ teachers are going to be thrilled, don’t cha think?  The teachers get a gift card inside either to Starbucks or Robek’s.  When I was a teacher, this is just the kind of gift I loved:  personal, thoughtful, and useful.

Would you just look at those cute little flags?  They’re free printables from Lisa Storms and believe me,

there are plenty more teacher gift ideas on her fabulous blog.

What are you giving your children’s teachers for an end of the year thank you gift?

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! As a teacher, I would totally love to receive a thoughtful gift like this. I’m sipping from an insulated cup like these right now. You can’t have too many–they seem to break after a while from constant use. haha!

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