CCD or Religion Teacher Gifts

This idea comes from my dear friend Sue who made these for her daughter’s CCD teachers who helped to prepare Sue’s daughter for her First Holy Communion — you can see a little business-size card inside the brown lunch bags, but that’s another post.  Sue bought some rosemary plants at the grocery store and placed them in lunch bags that she rolled down and tied with some twine.

She printed out this legend about rosemary and attached it to the twine with a Miraculous Medal:

This is a Martha-Mary gift if I’ve ever seen one!

And just in case you’re wondering, I’m stealing this idea!

Thanks Martha, I mean Sue!

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  1. Hey Mary – thanks so much for posting! Steal away – it’s the least I can do after all your interior design help! I’ll send some pics of that someday. I promise! xx

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