Baileys and Coffee Teacher Gift

Dimples’ last Irish Step Dancing class is this Friday, so it’s time for another teacher gift post!  I was texting (not while driving) with my friend Elise, chatting about this idea and how I could adapt it to be appropriate for an Irish dance teacher.

Thus, this clever little idea was born:

Rachel Balducci of Testosterhome fame recently blogged about Tervis Tumblers.  I thought the tumbler would be perfect because it’s designed for hot or cold drinks.  I picked one up at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with the teacher’s initial on the front.  Then I popped on over to Starbucks for some instant coffee, then to the liquor store for a little nip of Bailey’s.

  ~Tumbler, $15

~Via x 2, $5.90

~Bailey’s, $3

I cut up some green tissue paper into strips to add a little color.  Then I used some of my paper crafting stuff to make a little tag.  A little green ribbon on the tag, secured under the lid, and there you have it!  Irish dance teacher gift!

I’m pretty sure Miss Liz is going to love it.  Thanks for the idea, Elise!  I’m not sure what it says that two moms of four kids each came up with a coffee and booze gift, but whatevah!

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