The North Shore

Covington, LA

Camellia House Bed and Breakfast in Covington, Louisiana

Quiche, pastries, and fresh fruit for breakfast, sweet southern woman to greet you and welcome you to your room, Southern hospitality at its finest.

Camellia House

The view from our room:  a beautiful porch with a sitting area and chaise lounge, pool, hot tub, and gorgeous, rich landscaping.

Camellia House

French doors that opened to our private porch.

The Hubs, reading in the middle of the afternoon in his swanky new straw hat, because he can.

Covington, LA

We had brunch on Friday and Saturday morning at Mattina Bella.  You just can’t get any better than a lump crabmeat eggs benedict with grits.  MMMMMMMmmmmmm, grits.  Never had them before.  Want them  After breakfast, we strolled around to shop.  I love shopping in other regions of the country.  I don’t have to buy — yes, I am capable of restraining myself, believe it or not.  I just really enjoy seeing what little privately owned shops have to offer in other areas of the country.  Take, for example, HJ Smith and Sons in Covington.  They sell everything from baby alligator heads to cast iron skillets to skunk tails.  And if you roam over to the free museum attached to the general store you can see something that was alive here:

and on display here:

HJ Smith and Sons

Here it is seasoned and blackened on my plate at The Chimes in Mandeville:

and here is the gator in my mouth, and let me tell ya — It was so good!

But even the gator couldn’t compare to seeing these dear friends, and others throughout the course of the weekend.

On Friday we enjoyed a lovely evening at the bride’s parents’ home, feasting on Po’Boys made by Jenny’s uncle.  Here’s a sweet photo of Jenny’s only sister, Jessie toasting the bride and groom.  There really is nothing like the bond between sisters, especially two sisters who have five younger brothers!

More to come tomorrow on the big event!

I love sharing this momentous occasion and weekend away with ya’ll,

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