The Wedding

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:  The Wedding Post!

Can I be frank with ya’ll?  I really don’t know how to put Jenny and Juan Andres’ wedding day into words.

Instead, I’ll just give you a little blurb or caption below each photo.  I think that should suffice.

But first I need to take a step back and introduce you to two beautiful women pictured below.

When you are friends with someone for almost fifteen years, certain names become familiar to you.  They are the names of family and friends who are important to each other, and sometimes, along the way, you have the blessing of meeting those friends and family members.  The first time I met Jenny’s sister Jessie, was in Rome for the Jubilee year celebration in 2000.  We both stayed with Jen and had a blast touring the city, shopping, partying, going to all the Jubilee sights.  Then Jessie came up to Northern VA for my bridal shower and got to meet my sisters.  She quickly became an even closer friend then, but with distance and growing families, we hadn’t seen each other since then.  Another name I heard a lot was “Rani.”  “Rani, Rani, Rani, Rani, Rani.”  The more I heard about this girl, the more I wanted to meet her, but the opportunity just never presented itself — until Jenny’s wedding.  It was the perfect opportunity, really, because it was a chance for us to shower Jenny with all the love and service she’s showered us with over the years.  I wish we had more time to get to spend together, as most people do after a wedding weekend is over, but something tells me, that we’ll be seeing each other again very soon.  At least, that’s my hope.  I have visions of the four of us sipping wine on my back porch.  I truly can’t help myself — I’m always planning the next event.

So, enough about girlfriends, on to the photos.  Enjoy!

Maison Lafitte
What a gift, to be with Jenny in the final moments before her wedding.

Veil in place, lip gloss on, ready to go!
The brooch Jenny had made by a jewelry artist in Lima, Peru
Do these look familiar?
They’re Jenny’s “something borrowed” from me!
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, a short walk from Maison Lafitte
Here comes the bride!
Gorgeous church for a wedding!
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Andres Maura!

The DeMelo Family
one of the most welcoming and loving families I know.
Juan Andres is Mr. Johnny’s seventh son. “Lucky #7” with his new
FIL and six BIL.
What a handsome bunch!
Maison Lafitte at night
Mary and Jessie
I love meeting old friends’ wives and husbands. It is such a joy to see
them fulfilled and happy in their vocations!
Look at that beautiful baby!
Let the party begin!
If you went to Franciscan University, you understand that having household sisters or brothers at your wedding is such a joy and blessing.
Here are the Little Flowers -1.
Now here we all are — but without the bride and groom.
Jenny’s grandparents and great-uncle
Jenny and MawMaw
Second Line
Aloha Jenny and Juan Andres!

For more photos of the stunning bride and handsome groom go to

Kristin and Heather Photography’s Facebook page.  Prepare to be amazed.

As for me, I will continue to ride the wave of my five-day-vaca-in-the-Big-Easy high, thank you very much.

Oh, and for those of you who were concerned, yes.  We made it to the recital.

All the emotions of the five preceding days welled up as soon as I saw Dimples take the stage.  And I shamelessly did The Laugh Cry.  And it felt good.

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  1. Mary, I was disappointed to miss the wedding, and to miss celebrating with you on the dance floor! Thanks for filling me in on Jen’s wedding!

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