Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash!

The Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash was a success!  Five pretty little ladies came to celebrate our Dimples’ birthday and a good time was had by all.  The girls were so darling, sitting at the table together, making necklaces and decorating their posters.


While they were doing their little craft projects, they sipped lemonade and ate fruit.  I love listening to a table full of girlfriends talking.  It warmed my heart to see what sweet friends they are.

Cutie Tutti

Then it was time to run around outside, blowing bubbles and party horns.

Silk Fairy Bower

My mom bought this canopy for my nieces Lauren and Claire years ago.  They handed it down to our family and we have enjoyed it ever since.  With such gorgeous late spring weather here in Northern Virginia, we’ve had the luxury of playing outside a lot longer than usual.  I tied the canopy to a tree branch and then used some tent stakes to anchor the netting to the grass.  All four kids have had so much fun playing in their little fort, reading, having picnics, and setting up their stuffed animals.  Our birthday party guests were so excited to try it out.

Bits & Pieces

The rainbow cupcakes were easy to make.  I found the rainbow candy at Bed, Bath, & Beyond of all places.  They’re called Airheads Xtremes Belts — Very sour, and very sugary, but oh-so-cute for my Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash theme.

That smile says it all, doesn’t it?  Dimples was so happy, having fun with a small group of friends, surrounded by love and rainbows!

Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash Preview

Rainbow Dash Birthday Bash Preview Part 2

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