Cabin in the Woods

My parents live in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  I grew up in the Pines, swimming in lakes, canoeing, fishing, playing in the woods, catching frogs and collecting acorns.  This was my childhood.

I didn’t grow up in the house they live in now, but our children have the privilege of visiting their loving grandparents in this beautiful cabin in the woods.  Enjoy the photos!  The spindle bed that Dimples sleeps in was my great-grandfather’s 3/4 bed.  It’s terribly uncomfortable, but oh-so-charming.

Kids’ room, equipped for three-four children to sleep and play in.  My mom sewed the quilts and decorated everything herself, of course!

The roll-top desk and swivel chair were my mom’s when she was a girl.  I love how my mom uses her furniture.  This desk is packed with little books, markers, and paper so that the children can put it to use when they visit.

Two old frames, cardboard backing covered with fabric, every grandchild pictured.  It’s so fun for my kids to see their older cousins when they were little.

Even the White House has a “dish room” and this is my mom’s version.  She has quite a collection of beautiful China, and she displays it so nicely in her guest room where The Hubs and I sleep each time we stay for a visit.

I love how she put the desk top on a drop-leaf table — something unexpected and practical at the same time.

A mirror hung on a mirror.  So clever.

The craft room/nursery/sewing room — Oh how I love this cozy nook.

Look at what she does with the crib when Social Butterfly isn’t sleeping in it!  Love it.

Even the fabric and spare frames are on display.  Why not, right?

Come back for a visit tomorrow to see the Enchanting Garden.  It does not disappoint.

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