Basement play area

Sectional from IKEA:  Ektorp Corner Sofa with Idemo Red slipcover

Sideboard and bookshelf system from IKEA:  Liatorp

Foosball Table from Costco, Christmas 2011

Pergo floors

Quite possibly the best Christmas gifts ever and perfect for this basement: Plasma Cars

I used some paint I had leftover from a garage project I’ll share with you someday never.  The color is “Sparrow” and it’s by Behr for Home Depot.  It’s not too dark, but not too light either.  I feel like the basement, having been all white for four years, is now cozy and warm.

This is what I used to paint that little nook, the closet door, the walk-out door, and the slatted door to the storage area.  The color is “Seal” and it’s by Martha Stewart for Home Depot.  It’s the same grey I used to paint our kitchen.  I love, love, love it in both rooms.

Read more about the keepsake boxes here.

Read more about the white file boxes for school work  here.

White cabinet tower – Crate and Barrel, wedding gift for our first kitchen that had no storage space.

I Love Lucy clock – gift from our Pastor to the School Auction that we just had to have.  It’s neon.  Need I say more?

Punching bag – for The Hubs.  It should be obvious why he needs it.

Weights – Sears … Also for The Hubs.

The play set – Given to us by a friend who never put it outdoors either.  It’s the first thing little ones go to when they come over to play.

Trampoline – Santa brought this years ago.  Great for winter time when you just need to exercise before bed.

Family Tree Wall Decal

Alphabet Cards from Land of Nod

I first heard about job ticket holders in that lovely Martha Stewart Living publication Blueprint, sadly, now out of print.  It was a revelation to me, simply because with four children, we have more cute photos and adorable artwork than we know what to do with.  Check it out.  The most beautiful thing about this idea is that you can buy black Job Ticket Holders from Staples Online at three for $5.00.

That’s about it!  I used to be okay with the basement.  But it was always one of those spaces that I thought, “I could do so much with this space!” and never did.  Now, when we go down there to play or watch TV or a movie, I am happy and not thinking about what I should do with it.

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