Star Wars Party vs. Soccer Party

Last week, Smarty Pants turned eight. It was a wonderful day, and having my folks here made even more special.


Last year the big guy wanted a Star Wars Birthday Party.

I got all my inspiration and party printables from Amanda Parker at Shindig Parties To Go.  You can purchase a personalized PDF from Amanda through her Etsy Shop.

But this year is a Sacrament Year for Smarty Pants.  In the spring, he will be receiving his First Holy Communion.  We are gonna do it up big with a backyard party for him, and between our two families, we’ll be hosting about 50 people.
The Hubs and I had a little chat with Smarty Pants a couple of months ago, explaining that we wanted to just take him out with two friends for mini golf or a movie instead of hosting a birthday party.  Well, he looked at me with those big round eyes and said, “All I wanna do is play soccer with my friends this year.”  Easier said than done.  How to keep it simple?

~Evite instead of printed and mailed invitations

~Rent the pavilion at our local Sportsplex and utilize their fields

~Order a cake from the amazing Wegman’s bakery

~Purchase a few soccer themed table decorations and helium balloons from the local party store

~Serve pizza, juice boxes, and water bottles


The party is almost here and I am not stressed at all!  I have my little list hanging on my fridge as to what I need to bring to the field.  The Hubs (former kids’ soccer coach and amazing dad that he is) will lead the boys in some foot skills and drills and then organize a soccer game.  I will swoop in with the pizza, cake, and refreshments, and all will be well.

The Star Wars party was a blast, but I started preparing for it a month in advance.  And I’m sure I’ll be planning the 1st Holy Communion Party two months out.  But this Simple Soccer Party has taken little to no preparation, and I am certain the boys will have just as much fun.  The bonus in it all is that my house will go unscathed.  Love that!

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  1. love it!!! my wade is turning 7 in couple weeks and we are doing star wars style boot camp— and keeping it simple! you go creative mama!

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