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It’s that time of year again!  Time to pull together costumes for trick-or-treating, and costumes for All Saints’ Day.  I stuck to my guns this year and told the children they had to choose from what we already had in our costume boxES for Halloween.  That way, I could concentrate on making a fabulous St. Juan Diego costume for our Second Grader, Smarty Pants.  He and his whole class will be sharing three facts about the Saint assigned to them in costume in front of the whole school and many parents after All Saints’ Day Mass on November 1st.  The costume has to fit over his school uniform, so that makes things a bit simpler.

When I want to make a fabulous catholic craft, I always turn to Lacy at Catholic Icing.  I typed “St. Juan Diego” in her Search Engine and oh, the possibilities!

All Saints Day Costume Ideas for Boys

In this link Lacy also shows some Boy-Girl pairs (So cute, right?) so you can dress up your son and a daughter as St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadelupe.  In this section of the post she links to a couple of other crafty catholic blogger mommies for Juan Diego Tilma ideas.  The one I went with was Paper Dali.

I started by purchasing some poncho looking fabric at JoAnn’s, keeping in mind that his costume would be worn over his uniform, long-sleeved sweater included.  You can see in Lacy’s post, she uses muslin to make a simple tilma that ties at the shoulder.  I love this idea too, but I thought it’d look odd with the uniform sleeves showing.

I printed out the Our Lady of Guadelupe image.  Then I enlarged it at 160%.  I needed to move the image around on my copy machine/printer a few times.  I taped the three images together and placed it under some thin muslin.

I traced the image with a black fabric marker I purchased at Michael’s.  Then I colored in all the appropriate colors.  I tried to draw the rays coming out from Our Lady, but failed miserably.  So it was back to Michael’s for some yellow and orange felt and some fabric glue.  I also wanted to make the gold trim and stars on her mantle sparkle, so I picked up some gold glittery fabric paint.

I picked up the sombrero at Target.  The crazy striped brim clashed with the poncho fabric, so I ripped it off.  I like how it turned out.  It looks a bit more “peasant Indian” to me.  Good grief.  I’m getting way too into this.  But you know what?  Smarty Pants saw the costume and said, “Thank you, Mommy!  That is the best thing you’ve ever made!”

Why thank you, Juanito.  You sure do know how to melt your mother’s heart!

What are your children dressing as for All Saints’ Day?

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  1. My 2 bigs are the helpers for this years All Saints Day party. #3 is going to be St. Zita. #4 is St. Elizabeth of Hungry. #5 is going to be St. George because what 3 1/2 year old boy doesn’t want to attend mass with a sword and shield in hand? Yikes! And #6 well, she’s just too little to join in this year. That’s a bit much for me! Check out my blog post 11/1 for the pics. The kids are doing their costumes themselves.

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