Feast of St. Lucy

St. Lucy, Patron of Blindness

St. Lucy’s Day

I need to make a new crown this year.  Dimples is always a good sport, but seriously.  Look at the poor girl!

Falling off, dropping tray.

Trying so hard to concentrate!

Wouldn’t even let me get a photo with the crown on.  She was two here.

Oh man, this bread!  It is a lot of work, I’m not gonna lie.  But it is delicious!

Saint Lucia’s Braided Bread

One  year old, totally not buyin’ it.

She wore her red sash, though!  And she loved it when we sang, “Happy Feast Day to You!”

I think this is finally the year for me to make this gorgeous, lightweight, soft, felt crown that I’ve been drooling over since Dimples was one.

As Cozy As Spring

And, in case you want to do some reading with your children, here are some beautiful Saint Lucia books, of course.

Saint Lucy,
Whose beautiful name
Signifies light, By the light of Faith
Which God bestowed upon you,
Increase and preserve
His light in my soul,
So that I may avoid evil,
Be zealous in the performance
Of good works,
And abhor nothing
So much as the blindness
And the darkness
Of evil and sin.

Obtain for me,
By your Intercessory
With God,
Perfect vision
For my bodily eyes
And the grace to use them
For God’s greater honor
And glory
And the salvation of souls.

St. Lucy,
Virgin and martyr,
Hear my prayers
And obtain my petitions.


Does your family partake in this Feast Day tradition? If you do, I would love to share your photos here!  Please email me your pics at sometimesmartha[at]gmail[dot]com.  Thank you!

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