Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

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We kicked off the feast on St. Nick’s Eve with a nice big dinner, complete with fancy candles.

St. Nick 2012 084

Then it was Christmas PJ’s and St. Nicholas stories on the couch, followed by putting out our shoes.

St. Nick 2012 087

St. Nick 2012 090

The children were awake at 6:00 am.  No surprise there!




Even Playmobil has gotten in on this tradition!


This reminds me of the Kneeling Santa statue my mom always put out in our home each Advent.


Dimples showing off her donut ornament.  Donuts are her favorite.

St. Nick 2012 093

Swiping Mommy’s chocolate coins.

St. Nick 2012 094

Each child receives an ornament every year that reflects their latest interests.  Then, when they leave home, they’ll have a nice little collection of ornaments to take with them!  Until then, they have their own little tabletop trees in their rooms.

St. Nick 2012 004St. Nick 2012 002

It was chocolate coins and peppermint candy canes for all before we dove into a big feast day breakfast.  Look at St. Nick’s pancake blanket!

St. Nick 2012 098

These are the books we received from St. Nicholas this year:


Social Butterfly (almost 3 years old)

Out of Sight by Pittau and Gervais

Bright Eyes (almost 5 years old)


Dimples (6 1/2 years old)

Leonardo daVinci by Steve Augarde

Smarty Pants (8 years old)

These books are for the whole family (because St. Nick just can’t resist good Christmas books):

a christmas carol illustrated by PJ Lynch

For Daddy to read to the boys at bedtime

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

We can listen to this one in the car.

A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote

This one is for listening too.

And since Mommy and Daddy work so hard all Advent long, doing lots of fun things to enrich their children’s faith, St. Nick brings them a present too!

do stix

DoStix (as in Dough Sticks) were featured in the November issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  I made mention of them to St. Nick, and he delivered!  I bake about four dozen butter cookies every Christmas, so these will come in really handy.  I can’t wait to try them!

As for The Hubs, well, apparently St. Nick wanted to honor Papa, Irishman through and through that he was.

Ireland Ornaments

Again, World Market has an amazing ornament collection!  And it won’t be long before they all go on sale.  Check out their website if you don’t have a store near you.  Sign up to be a “World Market Explorer” and they’ll email you all kinds of coupons and $10 off specials.

Well, by the looks of all the fabulous Facebook photos that have been posted this morning, many of my friends have adopted this fun St. Nick tradition.  I love it!  Just another simple and memorable way to incorporate the richness of our faith into our Domestic Churches.  And by the way, if you’re having trouble explaining to your little ones just how this all works, this is our approach:

“St. Nicholas comes to our home on his feast day because he is the patron saint of children.  He wants to give you something to celebrate his feast day!  Then he comes back on Christmas Eve to give you a gift to celebrate the most important feast of all –Christmas!  Yes, St. Nicholas and Santa Claus are the same guy.”

God of joy and cheer,
we thank you for your servant,
the good bishop Nicholas.
In loving the poor,
he showed us your kindness;
in caring for your children,
he revealed your love.
Make us thoughtful
without need of reward
so that we, too, may be good
followers of Jesus.


Feast of St. Nicholas Ideas

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5 Responses to Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

  1. you really are an awesome mom! your kids are blessed! your creativity and the time and effort you put into these special days never ceases to amaze me!

  2. I love the idea of giving each child an ornament every year to start their own little collection!! I want to do this! Where do you get the table top little Christmas trees??

    • Hey Gertrud! They usually carry them at Target this time of year. I have also seen them at The Christmas Tree Shoppes they set up in Warehouses in the Northeast. Wish we had those here in VA! I bet you could find one for your little lady now — and it’ll probably be on sale! Check Amazon too.

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