Santa Lucia Morning






To learn more about how we celebrate this special feast…


Feast of St. Lucy


From Lucia, Child of Light:

“No Lucia observance should detract from Advent or the Christmas celebration itself…Think of it as a stopping point in a busy season, a pause, a time to be glad the dark of winter will soon be changing, and a time to remind yourself that the coming of Christmas is a festival of the spirit and not of the shopping mall.  As it was in early times, Lucia’s Day might be a deadline by which all ‘heavy’ work (cleaning, shipping, etc.) should be done, leaving the time before Christmas free for activities with family and friends.”

From a traditional Santa Lucia Hymn:

Now in the winter night

Good folk are waiting.

See now the maid of light,

Darkness abating.

Into our hearts she walks,

Telling her story,

Candles in shining crown

Lighting her glory.

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

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5 Responses to Santa Lucia Morning

  1. Our feast day morn… It’s our Lucy’s baptism day too so this evening we will have a baptism celebration. Whew! What a blessed time of year 🙂

    First door…

    Matt’s parents are here for the special day!

    Waking up sister

    With Daddy (home from workout)

    Happy Feast Day!
    Love, the Millers

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun things you do as a Catholic family. I enjoy sharing with my boys to show how others celebrate!

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