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You’ve probably seen this big giant white unit in photos of our living room before.  We bought it on Craig’s List three years ago for a song and have enjoyed it tremendously ever since.  I love playing around with all stuff on the shelves.  When the carpenter installed it for us, I was a little disappointed by the cheesey laminate backing that came with the unit.  The Hubs had the brilliant idea to have the carpenter install bead board behind each of the three sets of moveable shelves.  I loved the results.  It looked so finished and custom to me.  However after awhile, all that white started getting to me.  The pretty glasses we received as gifts when we got married didn’t stand out, my mom’s milk glass faded into the background.  And well, I needed a pop of color.  See what I mean?


Obviously I had already taken out the majority of our stuff to prep for painting, but you get the idea.


The folks we bought the unit from purchased the whole kit and caboodle from Home Depot.  Everything about it is sturdy.  But man, all those holes for the adjustable shelves were getting to me.  So in addition to painting the bead board, I filled all the holes with white wood putty.  In three years, I’ve never adjusted the shelves, so I don’t anticipate needing to in the future.  This little touch makes all those holes much less distracting to the eye.


Our living room has green, gold, and red accents, but in the kitchen I have these fabulous Roman Shades from World Market and I love the use of turquoise and how well it goes with the colors I’m already using.  The floral print on this shade was my inspiration when shopping for paint colors.

I ended up going with a quart of Martha Stewart’s “Kerry Blue Terrier” in eggshell.

MSL Kerry Blue Terrier paint for Home Depot

I love the results.





We’re clearly always ready for a party!  The bar is stocked and the glassware is sparkling.  I need to remember to wash and polish the glasses next time I’m down in the dumps.  So very therapeutic!  What is wrong with me?!

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  1. mare- everything you touch looks gorgeous! i have to ask- do you like- or at least it may be easier to say- do you mind dusting? i absoutely hate dust!! i hate dusting! my personal dreaded chore because it makes me feel yucko:) this is nuts, but i actually love vacuuming, windexing, scrubbing… but not dustng!! do your shelves get dusty? they do look awesome. just wondering 🙂

  2. Kelly, I do not dust. My cleaning lady does. I could wash things all day long – laundry, dishes, glasses. And I love, love, love polishing silver. I suppose it’s the immediate results I get when doing so. I’m with you. Dusting is not my favorite.

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