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Catholic Icing Pope

As always, Lacey has some really cute ideas at Catholic Icing.

Papal Mitre craft

And there are lots of fun crafts and activities for children at Catholic Inspired.

I think we’ll celebrate on Tuesday, the Solemnity of St. Joseph and the day of the Papal Installation Mass.  That way, we can all take a break from our Lenten sacrifices and enjoy this moment in history together as a family.  Maybe The Hubs and I will even enjoy a glass of Argentinian wine.

Please share your ideas in the Comment Box!

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  1. Love the idea of a glass of wine… In Portugal the 19th of March is Father’s Day . We never forget St Joseph’s day… Yesterday we were at home when smoke came white. What an excitement it was . Me and the kids. Next week they will be on Easter vacation and one of the days we will go to Fatima to pray for our new pope.
    Love to read your blog.

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