1st Holy Communion Flower Pots

1st HC flower pot



~Terra cotta pots, any size you’d like

~Mod Podge

~Paint in “Blue Sky”

~2 paint brushes

~small cross-shaped stickers (I chose “Recollections” dimensional cross stickers from Michael’s)

~scrap booking stickers for around top edge of pot (you could also use ribbon or a stencil)

~ 1-1.5″ circle punch

~cream paper for host

~Chalice template

~gold vellum or thin gold paper for chalice

~Krylon Satin finish moisture resistant protective spray (I got mine in the craft paint aisle at Michael’s)

~potting soil


~moss (I bought a bag of dry moss at Michael’s)


1.  paint your pots.  If you use a light color like I did, you should prime the terra cotta pot first.

2.  Using your chalice template, trace as many chalices as you have pots.  *I used gold vellum that I found in the scrap booking aisle.*  I decided to make my pots double-sided, since I’ll be using mine as centerpieces.  Cut out the chalices.


3.  Using a circle punch, punch out the same number of hosts from your cream paper.

4.  Place a small cross sticker on each host. *You could also just draw a cross on the center of each host.*

5.  Place border stickers around the top of your pot.  Again, ribbon or a stencil would be great too.

6.  Paint some Mod Podge onto the pot where you would like to place the chalice and host.


7.  Paint the back of the chalice with Mod Podge and place onto Mod Podged area of pot.


8.  Paint over the chalice with Mod Podge.

9.  Paint back of host with Mod Podge and place at the top of the chalice.

10.  Paint over host/cross sticker with Mod Podge.


11.  You might have to go back and apply more Mod Podge if the edges of the chalice curled up.  Mine did!  I just used my brush and finger tips to press down the curling edges until they stuck to the pot.

12.  Repeat steps 6-11 if you would like to make your pots double sided.

13.  After allowing the Mod Podge to dry, place your pots on a drop cloth or a big old piece of paper in a well-ventilated area.


14.  Spray with Krylon Satin Finish and allow to dry.  This should make the pots mostly water-proof.

15.  Fill your pots with some potting soil and colorful flowers.

16.  Add dry moss to cover the soil if you’d like.


I used snapdragons, but any pretty flower will do!


Save your pots for your next 1st Holy Communion and plant the flowers in your Mary Garden!


Or give a pot to each mom at your party and wish them a “Happy Mother’s Day”!


I plan on saving my pots for the next four 1st Communion parties we’ll be hosting.


Please, if you make this craft, email me a photo!  I love to see other people’s craftiness at work.


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