Succulent terrarium completed

Our new dining room table and chairs is arriving in about 45 minutes.  I barely slept last night…Not because of the giant belly/baby I’m moving around, but because I.am.so.darn.excited!  I can hardly wait to post all about Tom and Val and their Antique Tables business in Sperryville, VA.

So with this new addition to our home, I felt inspired to make something beautiful that could sit in the center of the table all the time.

A terrarium is the perfect thing.  It’s artistic, it’s alive, it’s interesting, and it will last and last and last.

I stopped at Homegoods to buy some pretty glass vessels and plates to put them on.

Then it was off to Heaven aka Merrifield Garden Center to purchase my succulents, ferns, and all the little accessories I would need.

Merrifield Garden Center terrarium products

Just look at all the beautiful accoutrement they sell!  I could drop a lot of cash in this greenhouse.

Merrifield Garden Center terrarium accessories

The miniatures were to die for.  I used some restraint and only bought seventeen six.

Terrarium bicycle

I mean, come on.

Social Butterfly and I had a full-on terrarium consultation with the incredibly helpful Sarah.  She taught me so much!  There’s no way I’m killing these plants.  They shall live forever!

We ate some free popcorn by their beautiful waterfall feature complete with giant colorful koi and then headed home to plant.

Terrarium materials

I used this tutorial at the Pleated Poppy as a guide, and you can too.  But really, the whole process is quite simple.  And it’s so fun to create a little world inside a glass container!  This would be such a fun activity to do with children, but let’s face it.  I’m seven months pregnant and far too controlling and impatient for such things right now.

Succulent terrarium materials

Succulent terrarium

The main thing I learned from Sarah is that succulents get an open container, they like pebbles, and they prefer lots of dryness and sun.

Fern terrarium completed

Fern terrarium

Fern terrarium with lid

Whereas ferns and mosses prefer a lid on their container, some sphagnum moss, and moisture.

I can hardly wait to show you a photo of my beautiful terrariums on the center of our new table!

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