At home with our Little One

L.O. Six Weeks Six weeks old in this photo and growing so fast!

L.O. Six weeks bouncy seatShe used to be much smaller in this bouncy seat not so long ago!

SB Big sister Tee ShirtSocial Butterfly is starting to grow into her Big Sister role nicely and at her own pace.

First bath 001Have you ever seen one of these before?  It’s called a Wash Pod and we love it.

siblings watching L.O. in washpodThis was her first real live bath.  Up until now, I was just giving her little sponge baths laid out on a towel on the dining room table.  She was just so tiny, I could not imagine overwhelming her with a real bath.

L.O. in wash podShe was so calm and quiet, breathing heavily as infants do, just taking it all in while we admired her from above.

L.O. in froggy towelAnd then she cried when we took her out.  Poor sweet baby.

Mommy & SB with L.O. after first bathI love how her hair looks like duck feathers after it’s been dried.

Mommy & L.O. after first bath 2I enjoy all of these firsts.  Each time we gather around the new baby for a first, it brings me back to each of the firsts with the other four children.  It doesn’t take away the thrill at all, though, that I’ve done these little mundane things five times over.  In fact, I am certain that I appreciate them more now than ever!

L.O. after first bathDimples was a summer baby, too, so she wore this little bubble outfit first.  I love hand-me-downs!  It makes all those boxes of saved clothes stacked up in the basement so worth it!

L.O. after first bath 3I love her profile.

L.O. after first bath 2Pretty little lips and pretty big eyes!

L.O. drinks her 1st bottleFirst bottle of pumped milk.  Daddy feels so useful!

L.O. drinks her 1st bottle 2I see a date night sans baby in our future!

Milk drunk on Daddy's chestAnd she’s out.

I feel like I’m in my own little world here with my newborn and the children home from school.  Every day is a joy, watching the older siblings getting to know our Little One better.  Seeing her respond to them, turning her head when they walk in the room and giving a little coo when they smile at her up close, it gives me so much joy and makes me feel so grateful.

God is good.  All the time!

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3 Responses to At home with our Little One

  1. So precious! Sibling love is the cutest thing in the whole wide world! I was just musing the other day how beautiful it is to watch my oldest (who is a bit difficult and sometime likes to mess with her siblings for sport) so willingly and joyfully sacrifice her needs, desires, and self for our baby. She loves him so!

  2. What a little blessing and so special that you are taking all of her first as precious moments. I too have five and feel the same.

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