Celebrating Saints and the Liturgical Year

St. Francis

All Hallow’s Eve House

All Saints’ Day

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Immaculate Conception

St. Nicholas

St. Lucy


More Advent

Christmas Tour of Homes 2012 — with The Nester

Christmas Tour of Homes 2013 — with The Nester

Christmas Tour of Homes 2014 — with The Nester

St. Valentine’s Day House


King Cake

Hot Cross Buns

St. Patrick

St. Joseph


More Easter

Easter Dinner Hostess

Easter House

Divine Mercy Sunday

Celebrating the Sacraments

Baptism Day Anniversaries

Guest Sign-in Poster

First Holy Communion Party

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3 Responses to Feasts!

  1. holy moly, mama! how on earth are you putting all this together??!!!? I did find ‘testerhome’ through these recent posts tonight—- fun! I still have a one year old awake and cruising around the house….. and my oldest daughter on an overnight…. but there are four little hudak boys trying to fall asleep before a big soccer tournament weekend (and labor day) … you keeping up on this blog is pretty incredible! feast days!!! blogs!!! books!!!
    you inspire me…you waking up early and planning your day…. I am starting to get overwhelmed about our new school year that is about to begin! five kids in one school once again!! ahhhhh!!! I just know I need to get in my daily runs to spend my time talking to our Lord about being the best mama and wife I can be each day…. but I am going to get those smiley first day shots and “try” for the perfectly packed lunches like you did 🙂 God is good. all the time. love ya! keep up the good work!

    • Do you like the new layout of the blog? That’s why I posted all those old links in lists. I was attempting to streamline the look of the blog. Love ya, Kelly. Thanks for being a faithful reader and always showing me support. I appreciate it! and I love to read your comments. xoxo PS I had THE most random dream about a high school musical at Holy Cross. Sue Dennen was even in it! Crazy.

      • i do love the layout.. and my mare loves it too… I told her a lot about you…. and that you are a lot like her— besides just the name… that you are a dancer and servant of the Christ as a mother and wife and you put a lot of time into making your home and your meals- your parties etc- super creative… and she knows I liked that chuck wanted to name her mary because you were such a special friend to me!!

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