Nursery Reveal

Since we moved into this house five years ago, the third upstairs bedroom has been Bright Eyes’ nursery, Social Butterfly’s nursery, a play room, and now, a nursery once again.

Bright Eyes’ nursery: subdued and simple.



Social Butterfly’s Nursery:  girly with lots of pink and green.

April 008

April 004

April 003

Little One’s Nursery:  pops of color, lots of pretty things to catch your eye, cozy.

Nursery 2013 002

My mom made this beautiful quilt for our Little One.

Nursery 2 2013 001

These prints are from Michael’s Craft Store.  Wherever you see pink, the prints were originally red.  I just painted over the red with bright pink craft paint.

When this room was a play room, I purchased some wallies from The Land of Nod, one alphabet in boy colors and another in girl colors.  I spelled out all of our names along the top of the wall.  I decided to leave them up and used the colors as an inspiration as I decorated the room.

Nursery 2013 003

The “Rise & Shine” print you see framed is by Katie Daisy.  The bird prints are originals from The Old Lucketts Store.  The ceramic birds are from Michael’s Craft Store, as are the turquoise frames on the wall.  The square turquoise frames on the shelf are from Target.  All the white baskets and anything you see in the room that is green and white gingham were all gifts given to us when Smarty Pants was born.

Nursery 2013 004

Nursery 2013 005

I purchased this chandelier at The Old Lucketts Store as well.  It is made from an old metal planter!  Genius.  The pillows and quilt are from Homegoods.  The white shelf was given to us by a friend.  It’s old school Pottery Barn Kids.  The little frames on the shelf hold a photo of each of our children on their Baptism Day.

Nursery 2013 007

Nursery 2013 011

Nursery 2013 006

I love displaying baby clothes.  They are all so pretty and precious, and the hand-me-downs from Little One’s older sisters and cousins bring back sweet memories of my daughters and nieces when they were little babies.

Nursery 2013 008

Nursery 2013 012

Tied to the side of the crib (but not for long) are three treasures.  The first is a crib metal, a gift from a friend who lives in Rome.  It is an image of a guardian angel looking over a baby and it was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI!  The crucifix used to be tied to my crib when I was a baby, and the gold circle contains a photo and a third class relic of St. Jane Frances deChantal, a gift from my grandmother to my parents when I was born.  (My middle name is deChantal.)

Nursery 2013 013

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the nursery.  I had so much fun decorating it!  I love spending time in that room, just sitting on the bed and having some quiet time with our Little One.  In my opinion, there’s no sweeter room in a home than a nursery!

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11 Responses to Nursery Reveal

  1. Seriously??!!!! You have such a “knack” for decorating. I have no idea how you “collect” so many things and how they just “come together”. I love it!!!!

    • Thanks, Tammi! I always start with a “jumping off point” which, in this case, were the “rise and shine” print and the wrapped canvases. Then, once my mom finished the quilt, I kept it in my car and would bring it into stores with me to match things to the fabrics mom (brilliantly) chose. By the way… She chose the fabrics for the quilt based on a photo I texted her of the “rise and shine” print. She was spot on! In other rooms, I have used a swatch of fabric as my jumping off point. Hope this inspires you!!!

  2. My oh my!!! I enjoyed the tour of this room tremendously! I know you would have fun doing one for our “poppy”!!! You really our talented!! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful room!!!

  3. Love all of these! You seriously need to go into consulting – you know, when you have some free time 🙂 Your choices are all so thoughtful and come together so well. It really is a gift.

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