Hope & Justin

Hope & Justin

Hope and Justin Schneir are one of those couples.  When you meet them you realize that, in some cases, there really is that one perfect person created for another.  When Justin walked onto the Franciscan University of Steubenville campus in the fall of 1995, everyone wanted to be friends with him, and he was so good at being friends with everyone.  His long curly hair, and his So-Cal flair were something many of us had only seen in movies.  But this guy was the real deal.  He was loving, and kind, and just too cool for words.  I guarantee that many of our classmates went home for Thanksgiving that freshman year, talking about “this California Dude Justin.”  I know I did!  So when a beautiful blonde from Vermont arrived in the fall of 1998, it was game over.  They were too cute for words, playing guitar and singing together at coffee houses.  It was pretty obvious:  Justin and Hope were going to make beautiful music together, for the rest of their lives!

hope and justin and mary and babiesI had the privilege of hanging out with these two lovebirds and their crew recently.  It was a spur of the moment get together that I never thought I would have!  Honestly, there are just some moments in time that you accept the fact will never come to be.  And then they do and it makes them that much sweeter!  Having lunch with the Schneir Family was a foretaste of heaven for me.  Sitting down to a delicious meal with old friends who you love dearly and haven’t seen in over a decade — ahhhhh.

I have been begging, begging! my friends to buy Hope & Justin’s cd’s.  And now I’m begging you, my bloggy friends.  Please, please get thee to cd baby and order your download TODAY.

Have you ever heard of cdbaby?  It’s an independent music store on the web.  And it’s where you can support great catholic musicians like Hope and Justin.

Eastern Bound is all I can listen to these days.

It plays in my car and my kitchen and my laundry room and my back porch and it lifts my spirits and makes me smile.  From “Cool One Time” to “It’s Okay” to “Storybook Story,” I’m singing out loud whether my kids like it or not and somehow the dishes are getting cleaned and the laundry is getting folded and I don’t even seem to notice.

hopeandjustin Eastern Bound

I would love to hear what you think!  Come back here to make a comment and share with us what your favorite song is from Eastern Bound.

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