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I have received a bunch of questions from friends and family about our new vehicle.  Almost all of the questions we had about our new wheels were answered by Lora Lynn’s useful posts about her family’s NV.

Some comments and questions have been interesting.  I suppose some folks don’t think that a twelve passenger vehicle is necessary for a family of seven.  I always laugh at this particular reaction because I know plenty of folks with two, three, or four children who drive Suburbans.  Surburbans cost between $45,000 and $59,000.  Our fully loaded NV cost us $38,000.  That includes tax and a tow package, folks.  We purchased our Toyota Siena when I was expecting our second child.  So we had an eight seater for four people.  With each baby (and carseat) that eight seater started to feel smaller and smaller.  And with activities and carpools, well, we just didn’t have the space to take but one or two folks with us anywhere.  This doesn’t bode well for an active family, that’s for sure.  Sure, we could have gone with a more SUV type vehicle.  But why would we when there’s the NV?

“Oh, wow!  That thing is huge!  It must be very difficult to drive.”

I happen to think that the NV is really easy to drive.  The rear camera system with a 5″ dashboard screen makes backing up really simple.  And when I’m pulling forward in the carpool line or pulling into a spot in a parking lot, there is a beeping mechanism to alert me that I am coming close to something, or someone.  I am sure there’s some fancy automotive name for it, but you know what I’m talking about.  The turn radius is nowhere near as bad as I expected.  When making a U-turn, I am not concerned at all.  Honestly, I actually enjoy driving it!  In fact, I love being up high in such a large truck.  Driving on major East Coast highways for the Christmas Holidays was awesome.  I definitely experienced many cars moving out of the way, and not because I was being an aggressive driver.  My cargo is way too precious to be driving like an maniac.

“I guess you’re not done, huh?!”

For heaven’s sake.  You know what?  No.  I’m not gonna go there.  You can go there if you want to.  In fact, you are free to say or ask me anything you want.  Just be prepared for wit, snark, or brutal honesty if you’re gonna ask me such a personal question, m’kay?

Here are a few of the pics I found on the Nissan website:

2013_Nissan_NV_Passenger_NV3500_HD_SL_558979_i0We took out a single seat in the first row to make it easier to step up into the vehicle holding the baby or the infant carseat with the baby in it.  We also removed one two-seat bench in the third row to make room for all the stuff we took with us to my parents’ on our first road trip.  I anticipate leaving this seat out most of the time, but we’ll see.  The seats are heavy, but the actual removal and installation is simple.

2013_Nissan_NV_Passenger_NV3500_HD_SL_558978_i0This photo would be a lot more accurate if there were diapers and wipes on the center console and about four travel mugs, three of which were empty.

NV camping picThis makes me want to take our family camping.  Isn’t it hilarious?  So picturesque.

For me, the #1 reason that we are enjoying the NV is because of the spaciousness.  We have head room and seating choices that we have never had before.  The kids absolutely love riding in it, and it goes without saying that I love driving it!

So when you see me driving around town or pulling up at school or church or in your driveway, know this:  I am proud of my 12 passenger van.  We have ample room for our five blessings, friends, family, and, of course, room to grow if that’s in God’s plans for us!


Go big, or go home!

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  1. Haters ‘gon hate. I LOVE your nissan and hopefully will be needing one in the future cauz it’s awesome! But seriously, it’s awesome. Sometimes being open to life looks this good. And instead of being mad at people for asking if you’re “done”, thank God for your beautiful life, your supportive husband and your beautiful children (and vehicle!) haha.

  2. I also find it funny that buying a van can be so controversial these days. Why is it anyone else’s business?!?

  3. This is my dream car! We just had our 5th baby in September and brought home our son through adoption in December which made us a family of six! We’re currently shoved into a suburban and it’s killing me! Love the review. 🙂

  4. Hello, just curious to see if you still own your NV? We test drove one today. Do you get good air flow in the back?
    Thank you for sharing.

    • We cool it off as if we’re warming it up in the winter. Otherwise, the kids who sit toward the back really sweat it out when they first get in there.

    • Hi Joanna! That is an excellent question. I can’t say that I really know because I haven’t driven it in the snow. :\ However, I am fairly certain they’ve coming out with a new model that will be much better in the snow. Good luck!

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