Trying my hand at “7 Quick Takes”

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I have never done this before.  I started this post at 6:30 this morning.  It’s 1:50 pm and I just read several bloggers’ versions of “7QT” as the cool kids call it, and I’ve realized, I have nothing to be nervous about.  There is no right way to do this.  In fact, the more random the takes, the better the read, it seems.


Last week we had the flu as an unwelcome guest in our home.  So this week, we’re getting back into our routines.  When I say “routines,” I mean like real, live, set routines that each person in the family is expected to take part in at specific times of the day.  Wow! was that week without them a total mess!  Having only completed a few weeks of implementing these routines, the week of life without them made me realize how much we need them!  Our little family of seven runs so much more smoothly and with so much more joy and peace when we keep at the routine thing.  When we don’t, we’re rushing and scrambling and raising our voices and getting stressed out about things that aren’t worth being stressed about.  Nose to the grindstone, we’re going to persevere and stick to the plan.


There is a little voice inside my head that says, “Just do it yourself, Mary.  The kids are total slackers and they’re not going to get the job done like you could.  You’re faster and more efficient and better at these things than they are.”  Thoughts like these are just insane.  They are from a not so nice place inside my head where a little liar lives.  The fact is, allowing the children to take part in the family routines takes responsibilities off my plate.  It gives the kids a chance to take care of themselves and contribute to family life in our home.  Long term, it teaches them that they are responsible human beings who are capable of making a contribution to whatever it is they set out to do in life.  And that is the truth.


What to do with the extra time I now have since the little minions are helping out so much, making what used to be hectic times of the day run more smoothly?  Well, read some books, for once!

The Happiness Project


There's an Antelope in the Living Room

just to name a couple.


Another thing I’m trying to do with all this “free time” is get back to blogging five days a week.  I miss blogging regularly, so it’s good to make it a part of my weekday routine again.  Now, how to get more comments in the Comm Box, I wonder?


The Hubs installed a new garage door opener last night with the help of his friend Tim who is living with us for a few weeks.  We went from loud, sometimes working, sometimes not, obnoxious, dimly lit garage door opener to virtually silent, pretty, shiny, new, and brightly lit garage door opener in about two hours.  Oh, and, I now have a garage door opener remote in my car.  As if you can call it a car.  Sheesh.  No more punching in the special secret code while standing in the cold or rain.  It’s the little things, folks.


I like this “7 Quick Takes” deal.  In fact, I think I’ll do it again next week!  Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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8 Responses to Trying my hand at “7 Quick Takes”

  1. I was a little nervous to join all the “cool kids” doing 7QT, too! Finally did today. I’m happy to come upon your blog! I like your #3. My control-freaky self can definitely relate to the difficulty with delegating tasks.

  2. Oh, I believe you firmly have the hang of the 7QTs!
    #3 Now that our kiddos are older, I am thankful for always having had them participate in chores and such, definitely makes life easier—and they need to know how to do all this stuff one day anyway; Mama ain’t going to college with them!!
    #5 always a challenge. I have tons of blogging in my head, it’s just taking the time to get in on the laptop!
    Happy Weekend!!

  3. We are working on a more consistent/flexible schedule around here. How did you do yours? Do you post a weekly schedule that you change or monthly? Do you break it up hourly? Just curious! Any cool programs to print it up or make it look nice??

    • I have a friend who does home consultations for this type of thing. She came to our home and sat down with me to develop several routines throughout the day. I posted them on a magnetic dry erase board in the kitchen. Then, on Sundays, we have a family meeting after dinner to discuss different things from the previous week. We record the topics to be discussed in our Family Communication Binder during the week so that when the family meeting time arrives, we know what topics we need to cover. For example, “I don’t like it when people come into my room and play with my Legos when I’m at school.” “I need some time to play alone in my room after school.” “I feel like I have too many things to do during our after dinner routine. Can someone else do this chore instead of me?” We will change the chores after Easter. I think it’s important for them to master whatever task it is they’re doing before we switch it up.

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