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It is so difficult to find good toys for Easter.  There are plenty of chicks and bunnies out there, but hardly anything that points to the real meaning of this most joyous of seasons.   My search has ended with Wee Believers.  I haven’t given these gifts to the children yet, so I am sharing photos from the Wee Believers website, but I opened the Easter Scene Pop-Out Puzzle and it is adorable!  This is what it looks like in the packaging.

When you open it up, you remove all the puzzle pieces, and set them up on the stands provided.  Then you flip over the board that you see above to reveal a scene on the back.  This is where you set up the figures for your Resurrection scene.  It is so well made, and I am certain that the kids are going to love playing with it — I know I did!

I ordered these for the kids’ Easter baskets.  We purchased the St. Nicholas Color and Hugs for the three older children as a little gift for their shoes on the feast of St. Nicholas, and they absolutely loved them.  They’re washable, so you can color them again and again!

I thought this little magnet book would be perfect for Social Butterfly, our two year old.  The scene on the inside is just like the stand up puzzle scene.

This is a giant floor puzzle, and it’s two-sided!  We gave the children the Christmas floor puzzle and they really loved it, so I know they are going to enjoy this puzzle as well.  It’s 2×3 feet when you finish it, so it’s a lot of fun to lay out and do on the floor, and fun for multiple ages to work together.

I hope this helps as you prepare your baskets for Easter!

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  1. Thanks Mary for sharing. I’m loving all of your ideas on this blog. Some we are trying and I’ll let you know if we succeed or not!! Ha! One thing we have found that my children like are the Glory Stories over at holyheroes.com. I picked out a few for their baskets. I also found these cute little Story Stixs http://www.amazon.com/Life-of-Jesus-Story-Stix/dp/B00JAIRATC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1397160749&sr=8-4&keywords=story+stix. Although, both of these are not quiet toys!

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