7 Quick Takes: Too many food pictures edition

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Monday through Friday, our family eats dinner right after school.  (Thanks, Home Harmony LLC! Another totally doable and brilliant idea at work in our home.)  I take a nap while Social Butterfly and Little One are napping.  I set my alarm for 2:00pm and either make some sort of side dish to go with whatever is simmering away in the crock pot, or pop dinner in the oven.  I try my best to always make something crock-pot or oven prepared Monday-Thursday.  Fridays we have pizza delivered at 3:45.  The girls wake up around 3:00, and we roll on over to school to pick up the big kids.  They put their stuff away, set up their homework stations, and get changed out of their uniforms.  When they come downstairs, dinner is on the table and I am calmly and happily waiting for them.  Most of the time.  Then when The Hubs gets home at 6-6:30, we have a snack like what you see above.  I just put it at one end of the table and the children eat while Daddy has his dinner, always whatever we had after school.

It’s a major game-changer, people.  The witching hour no longer exists in my home.  The kids have already had lots of protein because they’ve eaten dinner after school.  Then when they’re hungry again, we have a healthy snack (sometimes they request more dinner if there is any left).  Think about it:  Before Daddy walks in the door, all the dinner dishes are clean, and all the children have eaten their major meal of the day, so there aren’t any sugar crashes or tantrums happening (especially for mommy).  And now that it is spring, this is perfect because we can have dinner, clean up, pack lunches, and get outside!

You know you want to try it.


SavedPicture-2014411142252.jpgSince we’re on the topic of food, take a look at this gorgeous bowl of tortilla soup.  Oh, mama.  Thank you, Rachel, for sharing this recipe with me!  It is divine, and so, so simple.  I’ll post it in my recipe section.  I promise.



Can someone tell me how on earth I had four other children and never used an Ergo?!?!?!  It’s the best thing ever and I am so grateful to Christine for talking and talking and talking about how she couldn’t live without her Ergo.  I get it now.  I totally get it.



Uh-oh!  Another food picture!  I just had to share this idea for leftover grilled meat, since it’s grilling season and all.  This is a plateful of health, I tell you.  Grilled Asian Marinated Pork tenderloin, avacado, baby cucumber, grape tomatoes, grated carrots, spring greens, romaine, scallions, and Brianna’s French vinaigrette dressing.



Little One absolutely loves the swing!  I am so happy.  I don’t know what I’d do if I had a baby who didn’t like to be pushed in the swing.  It brings me so much joy to watch their smile, hear their giggle, and see their tiny little whispy baby hairs blowing in the wind as they swing back and forth.



What on earth does she think she’s doing, pushing that chair around the kitchen?



Bright Eyes is in Kindergarten and he is growing so much.  We had some time together this past Sunday, just sitting on the porch, enjoying the gorgeous weather and each other’s company.  I love listening to his thoughts.  He has so very many imaginative things to say.

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  1. Hi, I’m visiting from 7QT and I enjoyed reading your post. I love the idea of having dinner after school – we homeschool, but the idea is to have it earlier. Makes sense!

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