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photo(5)It was my birthday this week!  And it was a great one.  The Hubs treated me to Burmese takeout; it was the first time I had ever tried it and it was delicious.  So delicious that we’re going there for dinner this Saturday night for date night/my birthday celebration sans kids.  The cards and drawings from the children were the best.  And a surprise delivery of tulips from one friend and a tres chic umbrella from another friend made my day so special.  The icing on the cake pie was finally sitting down to watch the canonization mass.  Heaven.on.earth.


DSC_3111Last Saturday afternoon, Dimples and I met up with our dear friend and wedding photographer Mark Brock so that he could take some portraits for us over at Church.

This happens to be one of The Hubs favorite pics, I guess because we are so happy and natural.  Dimples really had such a wonderful time having her portraits taken.  It was relaxed and calm and now they’re done!  We were able to utilize all different areas of the church, inside and out:  something that just would not happen on the day of the First Communion.

I am happy to say that you can view more of the photos on Flickr.

The dress was made from my wedding gown and the veil from my wedding veil.  There is more to the story, but that’s another post.



The First Holy Communion Party centerpieces are planted.


And the mantle is almost ready…

SavedPicture-20145219192.jpgNow all we have to do is finish our Novena to St. Therese! and cook for a bigillion people and finish getting the yard ready and clean up the guest room and Dimples will receive Jesus for the first time whether none of the above happens anyway.


Our Social Butterfly is really blossoming lately.  But for every pretty bloom, there seem to be some thorns.  She is definitely a child who responds almost immediately to quality time spent with mom or dad, so that’s our focus these days.  Not an easy task, but totally necessary!


Is there anything better than a few days of torrential downpours followed by the most glorious cool, sunny spring weather you’ve ever seen?  I think not!  Please, please, please let next Saturday be a gorgeous spring day for our First Holy Communion!


8th BirthdayThank you all for all your kind birthday wishes!  It’s so fun to hear from so many folks (especially on Facebook).  Thank you, most of all, to my mom and dad.  Now that I’m a mother of five young children, I truly am in awe when I think of my parents bringing home another baby in their early forties  — to a house full of teens and pre-teens, no less!  Truly a remarkable testimony to life and the trust they placed in God.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  You inspire me.  Daily!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like it was a great one 🙂

    I love the idea of making a First Communion dress from your wedding gown — I can’t wait to read that story!

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