Eight years ago today

Dimples comes home from the hospital

Oh sweet little Dimples, look at you!  Fresh from God and already such a sweet baby.

Dimples sweet newborn hands

When you were a newborn, you had such thick, dark brown hair.  Come to think of it, you still do!  And look at those gorgeous pink lips and beautiful fingers.

Dimples fresh from God

You have always been such a good sleeper!  To this very day, you can sleep through just about anything… Even a little sister who tends to want to play when you are so very tired.

Dimples 1st birthday

On your first birthday, you didn’t quite know what all the fuss was about, but you showed us very early on that you would be full of joy and smiles and ready for a celebration.

Dimples 2nd birthday

For your second birthday, I hung balloons and streamers up in the living room.  Every morning for the week or two that they were hanging up, I would carry you downstairs and as soon as you saw them you would say, “Oh, look at the beautiful decorations!”  Quite a mouthful for such a little girl.


On your third birthday, you started to really show us your spunk and personality.  We went to visit Grandmom and Grandad and many of your cousins, aunts, and uncles gathered to celebrate your birthday.  You ate up all the love and attention they had to give you.

Dimples 4th birthday

By your fourth birthday, you had a little brother and a little sister to love and boy, did you love them!  You still do.  You are so good with them, sweet sister.

Dimples 5th birthday

Oh my goodness, by your fifth birthday, you were quite the Irish Dancing Lass, so light on your feet and quick to giggle.  I remember this being a year of giggles.

Dimples 6th birthday

Your Kindergarten year had just come to a close on your 6th birthday.  You were growing up so very fast, becoming quite the little school girl, making friends and reading books.

Dimples 7th Birthday 037

Seven years old, and on your way to 2nd grade.  What a beautiful time this was for you.  Just two weeks after this birthday, you became a big sister again.  It was love at first sight for you and our Little One.  And your bond just gets stronger with time!

Dimples, SB, and me

Photo courtesy of Joylyn Hannahs Photography
Photo courtesy of Joylyn Hannahs Photography

Happy 8th Birthday to my first girl!




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