11 years of marriage


For our 11th anniversary, we headed back to our roots and enjoyed a fun evening out in the neighborhood where we started dating.  We felt like strangers in a strange land among all those college kids and new grads, whooping it up in Clarendon.  Sometimes it’s fun to throw yourself back into an old haunt and remember the glory days.  For us, it conjured up all those warm and fuzzy memories of the beginnings of our relationship.

InstagramCapture 11th anniversary champagne

All we had to do to receive complimentary champagne at two different locations was to mention that we had five kids at home and that we were celebrating our 11th anniversary and voila!  Two flutes of champs appeared at our table!  I don’t know if it was because people felt sorry for us or were proud of us.  I don’t really care.

InstagramCapture Hubs on our 11th anniversary

So this year as a gift for The Hubs, well, really for both of us, I commissioned Adrienne Stamper and Therese McCabe to turn two of my favorite photographs into beautiful artwork.  Adrienne and Therese are sisters who have started a business together.  For each sale, they donate art lessons to inner city students.  You can check out their website and portfolio below.

impact artworkI emailed them this pic from our 10th anniversary….

M&J Vows Renewal (51)

Impact Artwork Therese McCabe

And this pic from our wedding day….


by Adrienne Stamper

 Impact Artwork Adrienne Stamper

 Therese and Adrienne did such a beautiful job!  And The Hubs was so surprised by this gift.  The first time I saw the drawings, I was so overwhelmed by how well the girls captured us.  To have their original artwork hanging in our home for years to come is such a blessing to our family.  I have visions of more Impact Artwork pieces on our walls, hopefully of each of our children, perhaps of their 1st Holy Communion Portraits.

Another year of wedded bliss, topped off by a day of celebrating the gift of our marriage.

“All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united.”

~Bl. Margaret d’Youville

Deo Gratias!

The Perfect Day

Our Wedding Video


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