7 Quick Takes: Back to Schooooool!!!!!

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 This is Elise.


I love her dearly and feel so incredibly blessed to call her “friend.”

 When Elise was pregnant with her oldest child, I was pregnant with mine.  We taught at the same school.  Our students were “buddies.”  We share a love for all things Fallon, Gaffigan, & So You Think You Can Dance.  We don’t see each other as often as we’d like, but we talk and text and comment on Facebook pics of our kids because well, it keeps us connected.

Elise just started blogging.  I am so proud of her and happy for her that she now has a space to share her life’s journey with whoever cares to join her.

Every Little Thing


photo 1(4)

Little One is 14 months already.

What a big girl she is these days!  The entire first floor of our home is covered in the things she finds to carry around.  These items include:  dish rags, lunch box containers, flip flops, shoes, dirty laundry, baby wipes (clean ones), and measuring cups.


 speakeasy digital art

I received my Speak Easy Digital Art in the mail this week!  Isn’t it beautiful?  So cheerful.  It’s funny how something so simple can be such a pick-me-up.


2013-07-04 08.43.28

I was searching my photo files on our desktop recently and found this gem of a pic.  Little one was just ten days old.  And Social Butterfly is clearly trying to play baby.  I feel like I say it so often lately, but time sure does fly!  Stop growing, precious babies!


WP_20140727_003Driving back from the beach in our NV.

We still love our Nissan NV.  We took out the last row of seats to create plenty of room for all of our beach gear.  We also moved the second row back (another great feature the NV offers) to create plenty of leg and cooler room for the boys.  The trip down to NC was comfortable and easy in our new wheels.  Many people have asked recently if we still love it and the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”


The first week back to school was wonderful and brutal.  Thank goodness for a half day to start and end the week, followed by a long Labor Day Weekend!  It’s easier to make the transition into the drastic change in schedule this way, but we are all still dragging our feet, happily.


Extra curricular activities are almost underway:  soccer for the boys next week and Irish Dance for the girls the week after that.  We’ll have one night during the week at home and will cherish it, I am sure.  We’ve already started eating dinner after school to accommodate for the upcoming change in schedule.  I love having a big healthy meal at 4:00 with the children.  Each one gets to share about their day and fill up on good food instead of snacks.  Then, when dad comes home, we have a plate waiting for him.  I offer the children a healthy snack, or even some more dinner.  It works for us!

Enjoy this long weekend!


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  1. We have the best luck eating an early supper right after school, too! Then Daddy finished work and eats a later supper, with the kids eating a snack if they are hungry. I can’t get it to work any other way! Your children are beautiful, by the way, and so are your friend’s! God bless.

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