QT: 7 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

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Over the summer, when everyone is home all day, our home takes a beating.  So now that everyone is back to school, it’s time to whip this place back into shape!

So here are my Quick Takes this week:  7 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

This was a truly fantastic week.  The children are hitting their stride.  This year’s schedules are becoming the new normal to each child respectively.  And when the children fall into their new rhythm, mom gets her groove on as well.  For me, that means freshening up the house.  Oh, how happy this makes me!  Here are seven things I did this week to freshen up our home for fall after a long summer of being beaten up by children.  But first,

Freakin awesome

Let me start by saying that, I am exhausted from this endeavor.  Some people run to relieve themselves of stress, and when they’ve finished their run they feel those endorphins, they experience that high that only exercise can give them.

What I have accomplished this week has given me my version of endorphins, my “high.”  Are you still reading?  Then you get it.  Here goes.


Try something new.


Oh my goodness.  Why is she posting a photo of her trash can?  Oh, honey.  This is not just any trash can.  This is a plastic, looks like wicker, clothes hamper with a large black trash bag liner!  Awwwww, yeah.  We used to have a nice little pull out trash can, the kind that’s all neat and pretty, hidden in a cabinet.  Ours even had two trash cans, garbage in the front can, recycling in the rear can.  So fancy.  Thanks to Home Harmony, I learned that sometimes, function trumps form.  I figured out that I was performing FIVE steps every.single.time I threw something away.

1. Open the cabinet.  2.  Pull out the trash cans.  3.  Throw away the trash/recycling.  4.  Push the cans back in the cabinet.  5.  Close the cabinet.

So I removed the fancy hidden trash can, purchased this pretty, large, plastic laundry hamper, and lined it with a large black trash bag.  I used to go through 2 to 3 white kitchen trash bags a day.  Not anymore!!!


House Plants


Polish them.  Yes, I’m crazy.  But you’re still reading!

If I were a house plant, I’d be terribly sad if my leaves were covered in dust.  And if my home owner polished my leaves, I’d feel proud.  This week, my plants should be proud of their shiny, green leaves.  Slowly, but surely, they will be ashamed of their dust-laden leaves, but I’m sorry, I’ve mentioned it before:  Ain’t nobody got time for dat! more than once a year.


Open your windows


It is so good for the home to have fresh air blowing in and out, and it is definitely good for the soul.


Purchase something new


For us, it was a new rug.  Finally.  A real live grown-up area rug for our dining room.  We are another step closer to a complete, grown-up dining room.  And at a Homegoods price, I can enjoy the purchase even more.  We didn’t break the bank, and it is truly beautiful.  The best part?  I didn’t have to change the decor of the room at all.  It was one of those seamless purchases.  Drapes and prints and table linens already matched.  The area rug just fit right in.



Print by Speak Easy Digital Art

Fall decor doesn’t have to be fresh gourds or pumpkins.  It can be the fake stuff, stored for the year, and brought out every autumn.  Think about it:  most fall stuff will look great in your home until the end of November.  And not everything has to be for Halloween.  I love me some Halloween decorations as much as anyone, but once October is over, you better put that orange, black, and witchy stuff away!


Felt leaf garland and paper leaf cut outs from a little slice of heaven on earth called The Paper Source.


The print is a color copy of a Paper Source calendar.  The mat is from Michael’s as is the frame.  The white owls are from Marshall’s.


Switch up your tchotchkes


I find that there are certain items I need to always have out on my counter.  But there are others that I would much rather have behind a cabinet.  Switch it up!  Take some things out of their usual place and put them on display.  Put a few items that you don’t need out on your counters behind a cabinet door or, hey!  Get rid of them altogether.  If you haven’t used something in six months, pass it on to someone else who may need it by way of a thrift store or give away.


 Wipe down your kitchen cabinets!


Um, this is disgusting.  I got down on the floor with a bucket of hot soapy water and a really good rag.  And I saw so many drips and splatters and spills and dust.  Ew.  There’s something about knowing that all the doors and handles have been sanitized that makes me feel peace.  Others may not notice, but I know.


Re-arrange your furniture.


This is essential.  I cannot tell you the lift it gives the whole family when you try something new with furniture.  It’s okay if it seems as though a chair is out of place or the couch may not work in the position that you chose.  You can move it again!  It’s not like you’re tearing up hard wood floors or carpet for heaven’s sake!  All you have to do is push around some couches, chairs, desks, and end tables and you might discover your new favorite arrangement.  And if you’re addicted to this process as I am, it’ll be the new favorite arrangement until the next time you move the furniture!


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  1. I love, love, love this post.
    Also, I have zero houseplants. They scare me. But we need some!

    And, ok. Furniture re-arranging is in my near future. Tomorrow!

    • Andrea! I just went and checked out your blog. We are kindred bloggers! I added you to my blogroll an am really looking forward to reading your posts! Thanks for stopping by. I love how 7 Quick Takes leads folks to each other through the blogosphere. Have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful family!

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