Darkness shall take flight soon

A new day will rise again.

Santa Lucia 2014

What a welcome feast this is as we endure these long, dark days approaching the light of Christmas.




Santa Lucia Kirsten

Lucia serving Dad

Lucia Serving Sister

Lucia serving brothers

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Santa Lucia Day Books and Traditions

Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia Morning

Traditional Swedish Sankta Lucia Song

Night walks with a heavy step
Round yard and hearth,
As the sun departs from earth,
Shadows are brooding.
There in our dark house,
Walking with lit candles,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Night walks grand, yet silent,
Now hear its gentle wings,
In every room so hushed,
Whispering like wings.
Look, at our threshold stands,
White-clad with light in her hair,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!

Darkness shall take flight soon,
From earth’s valleys.
So she speaks
Wonderful words to us:
A new day will rise again
From the rosy sky…
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!


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