50 days of grey

Skies that is.  The trees look sad, the grass looks sad, the sky is sad.  There’s no question that I’m battling some sadness too.  It’s difficult to get through these grey days of winter, especially when you want to be a cheerful, happy person in a cheerful, happy home.  I’m not exactly the “whistle while you work” type, but I would enjoy having a little more skip in my step!

To keep away the grey, I do a few simple things.  I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but I think these ideas are worth sharing with you in the event that you’re feeling the winter doldrums like me.


  • 2000 IUs of Vitamin D everyday.  We buy our Vitamins from The Vitamin Shoppe.
  • 15-20 minutes in front of Mom’s Happy Light everyday.  I purchased mine on Amazon.
  • Do something creative.  Lately I’ve been making Valentine greetings, cookies, and care packages.  I’m sitting down at the dining room table for at least a half an hour each day, cutting and pasting and writing love notes to friends and family while spending time with my children.  It feels good!
  • Call a friend.  It always makes me feel good to hear the voice of a friend.  Whether it’s someone I haven’t seen in a while, or someone I see all the time, a conversation with a friend gets me out of my own head.  Sometimes before the phone call, I’ll make a list of topics I do and don’t want to cover.  That way I can see to it that I have an uplifting chat.  No need to get deep and heavy when you’re already feeling down.
  • Buy some flowers.  Groceries are so expensive right now, I know!  But a bunch of flowers to place in a pretty vase on your kitchen counter that you can place on your night stand when you go to bed is worth it!  Put back the unhealthy drink or snack you usually buy and buy flowers instead!
  • Be honest.  I cannot tell you how important this is, especially in marriage.  When I’m having a really down day, I send a text or email to The Hubs and it helps me feel better instantly.  He usually responds with, “I love you.  I’m praying for you.”  What a gift.
  • Keep moving.  I find that when I’m feeling down, I tend to want to crawl in bed and watch TV.  There is a time and place for that, but usually, it doesn’t help to lift my spirits.  If I stay on my feet and start a new task/project/chore/whatever, my mind shifts from feeling down to what needs to be done.  Leaving the house altogether sometimes works too, unless it means that I will run errands and spend money.  Unplanned money spending is usually a retail therapy situation which means that I’m not respecting our budget and, in the end, will not lift my mood.

The up side is that with each passing day, we are another day closer to spring time.  And that means natural Vitamin D, digging in the garden, wearing tee shirts and shorts outside, and watching the kids play in the yard.  This too shall pass, thank goodness.  Until then, I’m going to just keep on keepin’ on, doing the things that work for me!  I’d love to hear what your tips and tricks are for keeping the greys at bay in the Comment Box!

yard 024

Have a sunny day!

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3 Responses to 50 days of grey

  1. I know I am like a broken record, but I am a huge advocate of exercise…. so even at 8 months pregnant with number 7, I get my daily run in first thing in the morning or as soon as kids are at school….. and if I am inside, I turn on klove.com -there is nothing more encouraging than Christian music!
    this was great! love that you share this! strategies to coping are the best! hot baths are also a go to for me! (and if it is night time, a little vino is pretty good too 😉

  2. Vitamin D is a great choice. My husband recommends taking vitamins K and magnesium to help with absorption. Your idea about picking up some flowers is great and one I never considered. We school year-around and we start in the spring which helps me to avoid the winter blahs because we are about to start our last semester of the school year right now. I like know that we are close to the end of another year when I’m feeling worn-out. Thanks for the new ideas.

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