5 Favorite First Holy Communion Party Ideas

5 favorite 1st HC party ideas 11st HC party ideas 2
1. Tissue Paper Wreath- This is one of those projects that does not require precision. All you need is time, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and a wreath form (I used a flat wooden wreath). Just go on Pinterest and choose the style of tissue paper flower you’d like to make. I fastened mine with pipe cleaners, but you could use wire too. I wanted a white wreath with gold accents. I also wanted the sizes of the flowers to vary. I just started making the white flowers and fastening them to the wooden wreath form one by one. Once it was nice and full, I started on the gold and just added them in leaving some space between each of the eight gold flowers. I found some pretty ribbon and hung the wreath on top of the mirror that hangs over our mantle in our living room.

tissue paper wreath

The “First Holy Communion” banner was a purchase from Pearly Skies Etsy Shop. Unfortunately, Toni is no longer offering this particular banner in her shop, but I bet if you requested it, she would try to make it for you. She does have a “God Bless” banner though, and it is lovely.

2. Flower pots I made these flower pots for our oldest child’s First Holy Communion two years ago and stored them in our basement and used them again for our daughter’s 1st HC last May. I was very pleased with how well the pots held up. Normally, for parties, I buy a lot of fresh cut flowers and do arrangements for all over the house. But these little pots, overflowing with flowers that I then transplanted to big pots on my porch, were something different. I made a whole bunch and am so glad I did. That way, I could place the pots all over the house for the parties. So lovely.

flower pots
3. Sign in poster for guests Not to worry, if you don’t have an account with Heritage Makers. You can still do this! Some pretty paper and a photo of the guest of honor are really all you need. I placed the poster with some fine tip Sharpies by the front door. Guests signed it when they arrived or on their way out the door. Then I framed the poster and hung it in the First Communicant’s bedroom. I think of it as a simple way to show the child: Look at all the friends and family members who love and support you!  You could also include the child’s Baptismal name and date. And instead of mounting the poster on a wooden canvas, you could mount the poster on foam board or just hang the poster on the wall by the entryway.

guest sign in poster

4. Memory cards- I used Heritage Makers to create little cards with the Communicant’s name, the name and location of the church, the date, and a picture of the child in their 1st HC finery. Then with the card we also gave the guests a blessed Holy Card with an image of a chalice and host as a party favor.

Memory Cards

5. Photos of the 1st Holy Communicant growing up – I love to display photos of the guest of honor, one from each year of their life, beginning with a baptism photo. Children love to see photos of themselves as a little one and it’s fun for guests to look at how the could has changed and grown. (Again, I used Heritage Makers to print our pictures)

Photos of 1stHC growing up FINAL

I hope these ideas are helpful to you if you are planning a party for a First Holy Communion. Make sure you Pin away and save for later!


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  1. Wow. It makes me smile that you make such a big deal out of 1st Holy Communion – because IT IS such a big deal! I love the memory cards too – and I also love how you expertly blurred out the info 😉

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