5 Favorite Perennials

5 favorite perennials
Thanks for asking me to host 5 Favorites this week, Jenna! I am really looking forward to reading what everyone has to share. Let’s do this.

This week I’d like to share with you my five favorite perennials that I have growing in my cutting garden. Having these beauties in my yard, ready to be clipped and brought into my home for my family to enjoy makes it worth all the seasonal allergies in the world.

1. Daisies: The variety I have planted in my garden is just crazy. It creeps and spreads all on its own. I never know where I’m going to find it sprouting up in spring. And the stems just reach up to the sun and pop! Right on the end are the cutest little white flowers with yellow centers you ever did see. I cannot for the life of me find the name of the variety of daisy that I have in my garden. I’m so sorry! I bet if you showed a knowledgeable garden center type a picture, they’d point you in the right direction. I just love cutting a big old fist full of these daisies to plunk right into a pitcher, vase, or jar as they are. You crazy daisies!

Floral arrangements from the garden 009

2. Cone flowers: (aka Echinacea) These flowers are easy to grow and easy to care for. They bloom in the summer, and attract bees and butterflies. They have nice long stems, perfect for cutting and arranging. I used to just have purple cone flowers, but last summer, at the end of the season when all the summer perennials go on sale, I bought a couple of red cone flowers and a gold to plant in my front yard. The plants have grown nicely so far this spring. I can hardly wait to see their bright pretty blooms come summer!

cone flowers

3. Hydrangeas: I mean really, is there anything prettier than a big, fat hydrangea bloom in the middle of a flower arrangement? I think not. I planted three hydrangeas a few years ago, and I have been so pleased with how easy they are to care for. The only thing I have found that they need is to be watered more than I expected. Their leaves will wilt quite a bit to let you know that they’re thirsty, so keep an eye on your hydrangea plants, especially when you first plant them. And make sure you read up on how to care for them at the end of the season and in the fall. There are rules about how to cut them back, etc.


4. Knockout Roses: Easy to grow, very thorny so not so easy to cut. But man are they gorgeous! And they just keeping coming. I’m amazed each year by how big they grow and how many blooms they produce. I have been known to drop a vase or two of these beauties on my friends’ doorsteps. These knockout roses bring so much joy!

2012mothersday 078

5. Peonies: There is only one bad thing I can say about peonies and that is that they never last long enough! I feel like once they bloom, we have such a short time to enjoy them. Fragrant, full, beautiful blooms that you simply must cut and bring inside for all to enjoy once they’ve opened up. Is there any flower as romantic as the peony?

Pink Peonies

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s link-up! We’ll be heading back to Rachel’s next week as she helps fill in for Jenna.

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13 Responses to 5 Favorite Perennials

  1. You’re inspiring me! I’ve been wanting to start a cut flower garden for some time now but haven’t gotten into it just yet. Time to get planting! 😉

  2. Oooh I love peonies. I used to have a hydrangea at my old house and someone pointed out they are called hydrangeas for a reason…they love hydration. I was like derrrr, mind blown.

  3. Great timing! I’m working on finding some perennials to put in our landscaping because I LOVE having flowers in the house. I might need to try the cone flowers…and I love hydrangeas but I’m not sure where I’d put them lol

    • Cone flowers are nice too because they don’t bloom at the same time as most spring flowers do. At least, here in Northern Virginia they don’t.

  4. These are so beautiful, Mary! I only pray I’ll be able to grow such beauty in our still-feels-new to me home (we’ve lived here for a year now). I’ve never had a green thumb but have always wanted roses and beautiful flowers in every corner of my eventual home. Only, we are now in the eventual home so I really need to figure out how to not kill all the green things! Love this!

    • Amanda! My advice is to find a privately owned nursery where you can ask knowledgeable folks all the questions you need to. That’s what I did and it really helped me to just go for it and be confident.

  5. I’ve just been thinking about asking the Hubs to put in a cut flower garden so we can enjoy fresh flowers in the house for free at least through the warmer months. Plus Gia looooves to pick flowers. We have peonies, and I feel the same way – they never last long enough! I had hydrangeas growing up, and I loved them, though I always thought they smelled like tea. 🙂

    Also, I did not realize that cone flowers were Echinacea!

    • Rakhi, Yes! They are Echinacea. Isn’t that interesting? I try to buy all my perennials towards the end of their particular season at a local nursery. They discount them pretty nicely and I just go ahead and plant them. As long as I stay on top of the watering, even though I’m planting them in the heat, they’ve all survived, much to my surprise. Another thing you could do is plant them in a pot and then plant them in the ground in the fall when it cools off. Best of luck!

  6. I think all of these are so pretty! And I’m sooo glad my hubby is in charge of that at our house – he worked at a nursery/landscape place for over 10 years! I wish I had a green thumb…but I don’t.

    Random but…who designed your blog header? I LOVE it.

    • Hi Jen! A husband who has landscape/nursery experience? Jackpot! You must have a beautiful yard!

      Thank you! I love my blog header too. The art was done by Kate Papania. Kate has an Etsy Shop with some really beautiful art prints for purchase. Check out her button on my sidebar! Speak Easy Digital Art.

      Ben Zumdahl built my website. His company’s button is at the bottom of the page — look for “Fiat Insight.”

      Have a lovely day!

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