Road Trip Part 2: High School Reunion

If you’ve known me since college, then you might have heard me say that high school wasn’t the best experience for me. I can count on one hand the amount of people I know who can look back on their four years of high school with nothing but fond memories. My husband is one of them. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t all horrible. But for whatever reason, many of my lasting memories of high school are ones that make me look back and wonder, what on God’s green earth was that?! I’ve shared about it here before when I wrote about THAT TIME I HID THE STATUES. After seeing about seventy of my classmates at our 20th high school reunion, well, I feel like I owe my class an apology.

One thing that an eighteen year old freshly graduated kid doesn’t realize is that all those dirtbags, dorks, cool kids, jocks, theatre geeks, homecoming kings and queens, they all grow up. Heck, I certainly have changed a ton since high school. Why wouldn’t everyone else, right?

Well, I can honestly say that the folks who made it out for the Holy Cross High School Class of 1995 Reunion are some pretty amazing grown-ups. Yes, we were enjoying a lot of adult beverages that night. And sure, we all were looking our best (especially the ladies), but what shone through in this moment in time was just how genuinely happy everyone was to see each other.

four friends HCHS 20th-2
I met these three beauties when I was in the first grade. The four of us were pretty much attached at the hip for all of junior high. What a joy it was to see them and to just be in each other’s presence for a little while. So many wonderful memories of an innocent and beautiful time in our lives, being kids together.

St. Mary'sHCHS alum
Twelve years of catholic school together and we lived to tell about it. Tim, you look amazing, but you’re still a smart-ass, and I love ya for it.

lunch table HCHS 20th
The four of us ate lunch together every day of our junior and senior year. When you’re a high school girl, a lunch table full of supportive, positive friends can make even the worst high school drama more bearable.

cyn and me
This gal has been a kindred spirit of mine since we became friends in 1991. Ours was one of those friendships that waxed and waned. Somehow, we always manage to reconnect and be reminded of the many, many things we have in common, and the admiration we have for one another.

pete and mary HCHS 20th-2
This guy. What to say about the kid you took four years of French with? Oh my goodness, the yearbook notes from him! Hilarious inside jokes and funny memories come to mind when I think of Pete. Our senior year, I convinced him to try out for the Spring Musical. Now he’s a storyteller, sharing his life experiences with audiences across the US and Cananda. Because he’s a bit of a sentimental creep, he carries a picture of us from our Senior Night in his wallet. What an adorable, thoughtful hugger.

john and mary HCHS 20th-2
This is John. John and I spent countless hours together in rehearsals and performances and he was always so sweet, kind, and funny. Seeing John reminded me what a good friend he was to me, especially our senior year. He brought piles of photographs and had them spread out all over the bar at the reunion. What a thoughtful thing to do, John! It was so fun looking through the photos and reminiscing. You were a great guy then, and you’re a great guy now. It did my heart good to see you.

And so I apologize,
Dear Class of 1995, I’m sorry for not valuing your friendships more over the years. I will hold you in my heart and my prayers from now on. And I look forward to seeing you again at the next reunion. You are beautiful people, even if my booze goggles were a little thick at the reunion. I don’t like to look back on life with regret, but now that it’s been 20 years, I wouldn’t really call it regret, just a life lesson and that is this: I could have had so much more fun in high school if it weren’t for my pride. If I had been just a little more mature, I would have realized that I could be me and enjoy the people around me without making any compromises. Chances are, I would have learned quite a bit about myself and people and life. Instead, I closed myself off and put up a lot of walls that prevented me from friendships and memories I could have had and made but didn’t. I’m so happy to be back in touch with so many of you through Facebook and Instagram. My hope is that I can be a friend to you now. I am a believer that God puts people in our lives for a reason. I sure am grateful to Him for putting you in mine!

HCHS 20th high school reunion CO '95

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  1. It warmed my heart to read this! (Even if I wasn’t cool enough to be mentioned????). I’m glad you are happy now, and I’m really glad you made peace with your past. High schoolers are the ultimate prisoners of the moment, and it’s easy to forget how much of a positive impact so many of your classmates had on your life, whether it was becoming a lifelong friend or making four years of French a little more bearable. I’m glad to see you have grown up yourself, and have found the beauty of the things we a share over the few, small, and often petty differences a group of adolescents had during a time of constant change and soul searching. It was great to see you. You looked as beautiful as always, and one of the highlights of my night was watching a great person allow a little chip to fall from her shoulder and find reasons to welcome people into her life instead of reasons to seperate herself. Sorry I am so long winded, and my comments become blogs unto themselves! Hopefully it won’t be so long between hanging out in the future! 21st reunion anyone?!?!????????????

    • Joe! We didn’t get a photo together! I am so bummed about that. Are you saying I had a chip on my shoulder in high school?!?!? You are so right. I can see that now. Looking forward to the next time we can hang out. Maybe hit up a prayer group at Holy Name? 😉

  2. What a fun and beautiful night! I don’t anticipate ever having a high school reunion. There were exactly five of us. Four girls, one guy. The guy and I are still good friends and often get our families together for BBQ or camping. But the girls? I see them occasionally on social media and that’s about it. I can’t even imagine what an awkward thing it would be to have our five families together for a reunion. Not enough booze…..that’s for sure! LOL!

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