Road Trip Part 4: Indianapolis

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Road Trip Part 4: Indianapolis

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In between our two visits to Ohio, we spent about four days in Indianapolis. From New Jersey to Ohio to Indy to Ohio and back to Virginia.

map of indy ohio trip 2015

Yup. Something like that. Again, we stayed with another family, this time, The Abdalla Family in Fishers, Indiana, just north of Indy. Oh my goodness, we had such a wonderful time there! But first, I have to tell this story. Little One had been sleeping in our Pack ‘N Play each night of the road trip. She doesn’t mind it at all, and will allow us to lay her down in it completely awake, in whatever odd room we set it up in. This child is so easy to put to bed, it’s unreal. I suppose we’re used to it by now, but staying with other families made us realize how good we’ve got it. I’d take her to her room, sing to her and say goodnight and she’d just roll over, suck her fingers, and snuggle her blankie. Then I’d return to the other grown-ups and they’d look at me and say, “That’s it?!” And it was. Well, the first night at the Abdalla’s, they offered their portable crib, so we set up it in their little homeschool room that has a sliding door. I went up to check on Little One before I went to bed and found her asleep, holding her blankie, on the floor! I took the portable crib out of the room, set up our Pack ‘N Play, and put her in it. She stayed asleep through the entire ordeal. I’m telling you! This kid is the Sleeping Toddler Champion of the World.

LO in and out of pack 'n play INDY
So, on to our time in Indy. There is just so much to do there! We decided to start with a relaxed evening/night at The Abdalla’s Home. The next day we went over to Conner Prairie, an interactive history museum, most of which is outdoors. It was an incredible place. The children and adults enjoyed the experience and gosh, did we learn a lot! If you are ever anywhere near Indy, I highly recommend visiting Conner Prairie, no matter what ages your children are!

Conner Prairie INDY 2015
We headed back to the Abdalla’s for dinner followed by a fire pit and s’mores. We had such a fabulous time. The kids collapsed into their beds in their clothes without washing the s’more remnants off their precious little faces. Now that’s a good night!

bon fire INDY
Everyone slept in and in the afternoon we drove into the city to visit their famous zoo. We quickly found out why it’s so renowned.

Indy ZOO
Lions, cheetahs, dolphins, sharks, and just incredible up-close views of the animals that we certainly have never seen at The National Zoo. It was a fantastic field trip.

Indy 2015
The Abdalla Family showed us some true Hoosier Hospitality. We felt so at home with their family which made our family’s experience of Indy that much more enjoyable. Our best souvenir from Indy? New friendships for our children!

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