Full time school mom wanted

I love having my children in our parish school. It’s not perfect (There is no perfect school, is there?), but it works for our family. I have really enjoyed having everyone home this summer, much to my surprise. It’s just been a really fun, positive few months of letting the kids be kids and taking time to be a family.

That does not change the fact that I am so stinking excited for school to start again. I’m not washing uniforms, but the shiny new black shoes are ready to go. I have my planner filled out with all the important dates, half days and days off, they’re all in there.

This will be our sixth year at our parish school, our first year with four out of five children enrolled. Social Butterfly will be attending our full day kindergarten, Bright Eyes will be in second grade, Dimples in fourth, and Smarty Pants in 5th. It will be the first time in five years that we don’t have anyone in half day preschool. For me, this is huge. No 9 am drop-off and no noon pick-up. The Hubs will drop the four big kids off at school at 7:45 am and I will pick them up at 3:15. What shall I do with myself?! Little One and I will be just hanging out at home, running errands around town, and who knows what else! I envision wonderful activities like story time at our public library, “Mommy & Me” swim lessons, and morning Mass at least once a week. Oh, so dreamy.

The truth is, having four kids in school is a full time job. Thankfully, I’ve learned this one child at a time. Forms and paperwork come in the door at a feverish rate, especially at the beginning and end of the school year. Emails from teachers, the weekly e-newsletter from the administration, birthday party invitations and requests for volunteers and donations and my email inbox is full of action items that need my immediate attention. Add to that emails from our Irish Dance School and two different soccer coaches and it’s just a lot.

Homework. Projects. Collections for local charities. Library books. Is it PE day? Do we have any clean ties?

Doctor, dentist, and orthodontist appointments. Book the babysitter for the night out with The Hubs. Birthday party planning.

Keep the refrigerator and pantry stocked with food for school lunches, and healthy breakfasts and dinners, and snacks for game half times and long drives to dance class.

Maintain a relatively clean house (we no longer have a cleaning lady, but that’s another post), a place for everything and everything in its place so that morning and evening routines aren’t more hectic than they need to be.

Spend time with the children. Make time to be alone with each child, even if it’s for ten minutes a day times five. Make time for myself to re-charge. Wake up early each morning to pray before the sun comes up.

Full. Time. Job.

The thing is, this is just what we moms do, right? My mom did and she did it beautifully. Now I’m doing it too. This school year will have its difficult days. There will be tears and a few or twenty meltdowns. But I would not have it any other way. Truly. This school mom life can be a beautiful offering to God because when we serve our families, we serve the one who gave us our families. What a gift this job is. What a precious gift.

Please send me this post at the end of January. And again in February, March, and April. Thanks!

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  1. What a great post, Mary! I love your photos, especially the one at the end of this post and under “My Family.” (I found you on the CWBN Facebook page.) I only have two daughters so far, ages 2 and 4, but I hear you about motherhood being a full time job. It’s beautiful that you have five kiddos and that you will be able to spend more time with the baby of the family while the older four are at school all day! Enjoy and I hope you get some time for yourself, too. 🙂

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