Happy 11th Birthday, Smarty Pants

The days are long and the years are short. That’s all I can think to say about the fact that our oldest child is eleven. I mean seriously, could someone please tell me how on earth I have an eleven year old?! I don’t feel old enough to have eleven years of parenting under my belt.

First glance, Smarty Pants
The special bond a mother has with her oldest child is unbreakable. I love this guy somethin’ fierce, I tell ya. We’ve gone through so much together. Every time I’ve brought home a new sibling for him to love, he’s had to adjust, as I have.

May 2007

If there’s one thing motherhood has taught me, it’s that at the end of the day, loving one’s children the best that one can is all that counts. I can decorate and fix and organize and cook and pack and clean and create beautiful memories all I want, but if I don’t do these things with love, well, I’m one big noisy gong of a mom.

9 months prego with Smarty Pants
Smarty Pants, I’ve been loving you for a long time now. And I’m fairly certain that I’ve only seen a glimpse of the wonderful things you will do with this life God gave you that began in my womb. Thanks for sticking with me as I fumble through motherhood. You make being a devoted son look so easy!

HB 11 smarty pants SMAM


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