All Saints Day Decoration Ideas

Happy Saints chandelier SMAM
Tomorrow is All Saints Day! Halloween has grown on me since having children, and I certainly love to deck the house in black and orange this time of year. As catholics, I like to make sure our Domestic Church is also decked for All Saints Day. This year, I decided to just focus on the dining room. We’re having friends over for a fire pit after trick-or-treating tonight, and we’ll serve food and drinks, so I need all the Halloween decorations from the dining room for the folding tables we’re putting outside anyway. With a clean canvas, I was able to decorate the dining room from top to bottom with Happy Saints printable downloads. (This is not a sponsored post. I just love telling everyone about Happy Saints!) Victor Teh has done it again with his eighth e-book. I was so excited to see that he included Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin in this one! So darling.

Happy Saints banner dining room SMAM
I love how colorful the Happy Saints are, so this year I decided to punch out the circle saints and also print out the larger holy cards. I used a hot glue gun and glued a little bit of baker’s twine between the saint circle and the glitter paper circle. Then I just tied them all over the chandelier above our dining room table, like a shower of saints coming down from heaven to celebrate with us. I have place card holders that were given to us as a wedding gift that I use all the time. If you don’t have some, I highly recommend adding them to your list of things to ask for as a gift. So our little Happy Saints are standing all over the table and on the back of each I glued the little history of the saint and prayer to the saint which comes with the e-book. I also placed one saint on top of each linen napkin and place setting.

happy saints corner table SMAM
These little picture stands are so useful too! I got them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond a while ago and I use them all the time. More Happy Saints for my little side table in the dining room.

All Saints Day Table SMAM
dining room table ALL SAINTS smam
saint medal treasure trove SMAM
Do you have a box like this, filled with saint medals that you never wear? Well, I came across this darling idea on Pinterest. It’s from Catholic Inspired and it couldn’t be easier.

Medals on pillar candles SMAMI tied my medals to some bakers twine and simply tied the twine around the outside of my battery operated pillar candles. Cute, right? I love them. For a couple days I had them on my candle holder that I decorated for fall, but I didn’t want to take away from my shower of Happy Saints, so now they’re on a simple white tray, all grouped together.

And that’s about it! If you don’t want to download a Happy Saints e-book, you could always hang your holy cards on a ribbon or string across your mantle or over a window with clothes pins. Check out my Pinterest All Saints Day Board for more ideas from other better bloggers!

Pinterest All Saints Day Decorating Ideas GRAPHIC

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    • I know, I feel badly that I didn’t post this sooner for the sake of the folks who would want to decorate too, but I just didn’t get around to making everything and decorating until a couple of days ago. Next year I’ll re-post this a couple of weeks in advance!

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